*** Melodic Hard Rockers’ Superlative 4th Studio Album ‘The Rocket Pool’ Released June 29th ***


“This five piece have a powerful sound that mixes the melodic commerciality of late 80’s rock with the onset of early grunge, plus powerful riffs borrowed from Soundgarden and Rage Against The Machine. On top of that, listening to this album it’s hard to believe that the vocals are coming from a white man, because Mat Partridge has a powerful range that, with the occasional funkiness of this album, reminds me of Living Colour’s Cory Glover. Soley Mourning have made a heavy pounding album that has a freshness about it that is clearly above the rest of many other new bands out there. An album that features heavy and light moments of crunching riffs, thumping drums and solid funky bass lines. Without a doubt one of the best releases I’ve heard this year that requires repeated listening, simply because it is so good. Yes. With ‘Zaire’, this is a band that congos all the way.”Mark Taylor,, October 2011.

“It seems our friends across the channel have stolen a march on us Brits when it comes to embracing this fine band. Soley Mourning have been making a big noise in Belgium since 2007, but it is the support of fellow West Midlanders Magnum that is a more telling barometer of this quintet’s potential. Previous touring guests of Tony Clarkin and co, it appears valuable lessons have been learnt: ‘Zaire’ is confident, accomplished and varied enough to appeal to AOR stalwarts and hard rockers alike. Mat Partridge’s soulful voice, coupled with a funk-infused rhythm section, makes for an eclectic record where melody always rules. Mourning’s glory? You bet. 8/10”Simon Rushworth, Classic Rock AOR November 2011.

Acclaimed Black Country rockers Soley Mourning are set to release their hugely accomplished fourth studio album, ‘The Rocket Pool’, a sublime collection of ten utterly addictive, prime melodic hard rock cuts, on Saltdog Records, on June 29th.

*** Track 7 on the album, ‘The Unmaking Of A Rational Mind’, an irresistible, hard hitting slow burner which builds up to a glorious, triumphant, resounding crescendo, will be released as a digital single on June 22nd ***

The song’s weighty lyrics, which address the almighty mess that the world is currently in, proclaim “Let me tell ya it’s no coincidence, the most fucked up countries in the world are the most religious. It’s an old fashioned way of controlling people’s minds, never going to fit into these modern times, sick of hearing folk saying God did this; when something wonderful’s just happened praise the Lord God bless; where was the Lord when that baby caught aids, when that child got raped, when two planes flew into two towers? Where was Allah when your dad got cancer? … I’ve no silver spoon in my mouth, but I have a voice and how I’m going to use it now!”

Soley Mourning’s bluesy debut album, ‘Mambo County’, released in 2006, received such positive reviews on the Continent that the band were invited to headline a tour of Belgium, their first foreign foray, in 2007. Their second album ‘Remove, Replace, Rewire’, released early in 2009, was a much harder edged offering which won over fellow Midlands rockers Magnum, who invited Soley Mourning to tour Europe with them as Special Guest act at the end of that year. ‘Zaire’, a more eclectic, yet highly polished opus, released late in 2011, won over a whole host of new followers, not just all round the UK, but also in Europe. ‘The Rocket Pool’, which was, like ‘Zaire’, recorded at Mad Hat Studios with co-producers Mark V Stuart and Sheena Sear, is an even more impressive, cohesive collection, which will surely blast Soley Mourning ever higher into rock’s heady stratosphere!

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17th April 2015

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