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Ronnie James Dio’s seminal, multi-platinum, debut studio album, ‘Holy Diver’, widely acknowledged as one the Top 10 Hard Rock Albums of All Time, is set to be released via Universal in conjunction with the Rock Candy team as a ‘Remastered and Reloaded Collector’s Edition’ on September 30th.

Originally released in the Spring of 1983, ‘Holy Diver’ has been completely digitally remastered and comes with an exclusive 2005 audio interview with Ronnie, a 16 page full colour booklet including enhanced original artwork, the hand written lyrics for ‘Holy Diver’ itself, plus various historical press cuttings and an extended essay by (Classic Rock Magazine scribe and Rock Candy co-owner) Dante Bonutto.

Ten days later, Ronnie kicks off a special eleven date ‘An Evening With Dio’ UK tour, which will feature two live sets, including not only a host of classic songs from across Dio’s huge back catalogue, but also all of ‘Holy Diver’.

Tickets, which have been selling extremely well since the tour was announced in February, (some concerts are nearly sold out already), are priced £18.50 in London and £16.50 elsewhere, and are available from all usual outlets and via 24 hour hotline telephone number 0870 00 0688. Dates are:-

October 9th - Sheffield Foundry
October 10th - Nottingham Rock City
October 11th - Norwich UEA
October 13th - Newcastle University
October 14th - Glasgow Academy
October 15th - Manchester Academy
October 17th - Exeter University
October 18th - Bristol Academy
October 20th - Southampton Guildhall
October 21st - Birmingham Carling Academy
October 22nd - London Astoria

Having already established himself as one of the Hard Rock world’s most accomplished frontmen on albums such as Rainbow’s ‘Rainbow Rising’ in 1976 and then Black Sabbath’s ‘Heaven and Hell’ in 1980, Ronnie James Dio has never looked back since the release of ‘Holy Diver’, having subsequently sold tens of millions of solo albums and toured the world countless times over.

Ronnie is on an incredible roll right now; “You simply cannot argue with a voice as glorious as his, or with songs like ‘Stargazer’ and ‘Don’t Talk To Strangers’ – so we don’t. A truly god-like effort. KKKKK.” wrote Dom Lawson in Kerrang! on 21st August 2004, reviewing Dio’s headline show at Germany’s Wacken Festival, just prior to selling out his last UK tour in August 2004.

Holy Diving! - Roland Hyams-020 8677 8466 or 020 8769 6713
September 2005

Dio Biography:-

Ronnie James Dio - vocals
Craig Goldy - guitar (ex- Giuffria)
Rudy Sarzo - bass (ex- Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake)
Simon Wright - drums (ex- AC/DC, UFO)
Scott Warren - keyboards (ex- Keel)

A native of a small town near Syracuse, New York, Ronnie James Dio grew up in a tightly-knit community of family and friends. His twin interests were music and romantic fantasy literature, particularly the works of Sir Walter Scott and the Arthurian legends. These would play an important role later on in the development of his musical persona. As a teenager, Ronnie studied trumpet, but switched to the bass when he discovered the illicit joys of playing rock and roll. Singing was something “I always did anyway, somehow I just could.”

His first real band, Elf, were formed in the early Seventies and recorded a number of critically acclaimed albums together, the first two of which, ‘Elf’ (1972) and ‘Trying To Burn The Sun’ (1975) are still regarded as classics of the HM genre. Talented-scouted by Roger Glover and Ian Paice of Deep Purple, a production and recording deal was arranged, with Elf supporting Purple on two American tours. In 1975, Glover invited Ronnie to appear on his solo project, ‘The Butterfly Ball’, and he received his most public recognition yet. It was his next step, however, that would catapult him to international star status.

When Purple guitarist Ritchie Blackmore quit the band in 1975, he co-opted Ronnie and Elf into becoming a new Blackmore-led vehicle called Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow. The four albums which resulted - ‘Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow’ (1975), ‘Rainbow Rising’ (1976), ‘Live On Stage’ (1977) and ‘Long Live Rock And Roll’ (1978) - were each and every one classics and Dio’s reputation as one of the world’s leading rock vocalists was firmly established.

Sadly, the writing relationship between Ronnie and Ritchie appeared to be reaching a peak when personal difficulties between the two forced Ronnie to rethink his whole position within the band. His decision to leave Rainbow in 1978 was not a surprise. His decision to join Black Sabbath, the same year, as original singer Ozzy Osbourne’s replacement was. Ronnie had been planning on coming back with a new band of his own. But when Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi made him the offer, he admits he “simply couldn’t say no. Sabbath are one of the all-time great rock bands.” With Ronnie James Dio’s time fronting them, they released three stunning albums - ‘Heaven And Hell’ (1979), ‘Mob Rules’ (1981) and ‘Live Evil’ (1982).

It was inevitable, however, that sooner or later Ronnie’s much-cherished idea for his own band would reassert itself and he left Sabbath in 1983 to form the first ever line-up of Dio, which featured former Sabbath drummer Vinny Appice, ex-Rainbow bassist Jimmy Bain, Irish guitarist (and future Def Leppard member) Vivian Campbell, and keyboardist Claude Schnell.
Together, they recorded two of the cornerstone rock albums of the 1980s - ‘Holy Diver’ (1983) and ‘The Last In Line’ (1984) - before guitarist Campbell was replaced by Craig Goldie. Some argue that the albums that followed - ‘Sacred Heart’ (1985), ‘Intermission’ (1986), ‘Dream Evil’ (1987), and ‘Lock Up The Wolves’ (1990) - were even greater achievements.

Next up for Ronnie was his reunion with Black Sabbath for 1992’s Dehumanizer. The remainder of the 90’s saw Dio releasing Strange Highways (1994), Angry Machines (1996), and a live offering in Inferno/Last in Live (1998).

2000 saw guitarist Craig Goldy returning to the fold as the Dio clan released Magica, a concept album. Magica was hailed as the band’s “comeback” album and received glowing reviews. Following a hugely successful tour of Europe, USA and Japan, Ronnie found himself teaming up with his old mates from Deep Purple to perform songs from the “Butterfly Ball” in conjunction with a 79 piece orchestra…an unforgettable experience! Shortly thereafter, Goldy once again retreated, and former Hurricane/Lion axeman Doug Aldrich joined the band for 2002’s Killing the Dragon, a classic Dio masterpiece, and the Evil or Divine DVD filmed live at New York’s Roseland Theater. A tour with Deep Purple and the Scorpions followed. After Aldrich’s defection to Whitesnake, Goldy returned once again and set to working on a whirlwind year of touring with Iron Maiden & Motorhead, followed by the writing and recording of the last Dio studio album, Master of the Moon, released August 30, 2004.

‘Master Of The Moon’, was universally hailed on release; “There must be something in the air. In recent months, so many ‘heritage’ artists (Alice Cooper, The Scorpions, ZZ Top and UFO, for example) have recorded their best albums in years. And now Dio have joined the list. ‘Master Of The Moon’ is the best Dio album in the past two decades. 4/5.” wrote Malcolm Dome in Classic Rock Magazine’s October 2004 issue.


Holy Diving! - Roland Hyams on 020 8677 8466 / 8769 6713. 23rd February 22nd 2005.

***Brand new 'Master Of The Moon' album out Aug. 30th on
SPV, preceded by 6 date UK Tour August 9th - 15th ***

Ronnie James Dio - vocals
Craig Goldy - guitar (ex- Giuffria)
Rudy Sarzo - bass (ex- Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake)
Simon Wright - drums (ex- AC/DC, UFO)
Scott Warren - keyboards (ex- Keel)

Ex Rainbow, Black Sabbath and Multi million selling solo star in his own right, Ronnie James Dio, one of the most instantly identifiable voices in rock music, has re-signed to SPV Records, and is set to release a brand new studio album 'Master Of The Moon', on Steamhammer / SPV on August 30th. Prior to release of the album, Dio and his band play the following tour dates:-

August 9 Manchester Academy
August 10 Glasgow Carling Academy
August 12 Birmingham Academy
August 13 Folkstone Lees Cliff Hall
August 14 London Astoria
August 15 Nottingham Rock City

'Master Of The Moon' was recorded and mixed at Total Access Studio, Redondo Beach, California and produced by Ronnie James Dio, who explains "I like to have full control over the entire production. For me as a vocalist and composer of the songs, it's a natural process to make all the important artistic decisions. This may lead to stressful phases and requires a lot of organisation, but at the end of the day nobody knows me and my music as well as I do."

Guitarist Craig Goldy is another important factor, Dio's collaboration with him having produced extremely fruitful results in Dream Evil (1987) and Magica (2000). "Once you've played with Ritchie Blackmore, the standard has been set," Dio points out. "We don't need to waste words about Craig Goldy, his guitar speaks for itself. And we're so used to working together that we both instinctively know each other's strengths. Craig and I co-composed most of the material on Master Of The Moon, and we worked in perfect harmony."

The title track was the first number that Dio and Goldy completed for Master Of The Moon. "I devoted this song to all the people who are prone to bouts of melancholy," Dio explains. "There's only one piece of advice I can give them: let the sun shine on you to help you get over your dark thoughts." 'The Eyes' is equally deep. The track is about a paranoiac who feels persecuted and feels eyes following him everywhere. In Dio's own words, 'One More From The Road', which goes back to the time of the witch hunt, is a "slightly strange song". "Back then, people were persecuted and executed, just like today. Some of them were denounced for no reason at all." 'The Man Who Would Be King' draws an interesting comparison between King Richard Lionheart and the American president, George W. Bush. "Like the crusaders in the Middle Ages, Bush tries to force his philosophy on other peoples. I don't see the song as a political challenge, but as a request for the American government to rethink their policy on Iraq."

Ronnie reminds us that an album is forever - that each one is "a document carved in time", to be studied and enjoyed by generations of listeners. 'Master Of The Moon' is yet another extremely accomplished classic hard rock album from one of the best known - and best - voices in the metal world which will certainly be hailed as yet another an incredible 'document in time'.

Mooning - Roland Hyams-020 8677 8466 or 020 8769 6713
23rd July 2004.