***Potent New 5-Track 'Age Of Defiance' EP Unleashed November 29th On Steamhammer / SPV***

Cutting-edge US crossover metal power trio Prong have confirmed the release of a new EP, 'Age Of Defiance', featuring two brand new studio recordings and three live cuts, on Steamhammer / SPV on November 29th as a Digipak CD, 12 orange-with-black-swirls vinyl with printed inner sleeves EP, download and stream.

'Age Of Defiance' sees Prong bridge the gap between the release of two regular studio albums. Since the launch of 2017's much lauded 'Zero Days' LP, the group have toured ceaselessly round the world, so the arrival of a successor is unlikely before the end of 2020. Guitarist, vocalist and band founder Tommy Victor states that "We've squeezed in the EP so our fans don't have to wait so long for the new material. Having brought out so many albums, I optedfor an EP on the one hand because the two studio numbers absolutely deserve it, and on the other hand because you can keep the energy level really high if you focus on two tracks. I think you can feel the band's spirited performance in every note."

Victor describes EP-opener / title song 'Age Of Defiance', as "pretty unusual for Prong; it's extremely powerful, with a great groove, haunting chorus, everything's fresh and contemporary." The second new studio composition, 'End Of Sanity' is meanwhile, "a thrash/hardcore/crossover number in typical Prong style which I wrote especially for our American tour with Agnostic Front. If you're into Prong, you'll love this track".

The three live tracks included on Age Of Defiance', (which were recorded during the band's major headlining tour at Berlin club Huxleys Neue Welt in April 2015), are 'Another Worldly Device' and 'Cut Rate' from the 1994's 'Cleansing' album, plus 'Rude Awakening', the title track of the band's 1996 LP. The five songs contained on 'Age Of Defiance' forge an arc between past, present and future.

'Age Of Defiance' was co-produced by Tommy Victor and Chris Collier (Korn, Lynch Mob, Ultraphonix), who also mixed and mastered the EP; "Chris is a wonderful sound engineer who understands my ideas immediately and knows how to implement them. We've worked together for years, Chris also collaborated with us on 'Ruining Lives' (2014), 'Songs From The Black Hole' (2015), 'X-No Absolutes' (2016) and 'Zero Days' (2017)."

Enthusing about bassist Jason Christopher and drummer Aaron Rossi, who complete the current Prong line-up, Victor states that "Aaron is a real powerhouse drummer and provides the band's rhythm foundation. He already appeared on 'Power Of The Damager' in 2007 and rejoined us last year. Jason has been with us for eight years; he's the best bassist I've ever played with since the sadly deceased Paul Raven, and an amazing performer on stage." So, in other words, all is well with Prong? "Totally," grins Tommy Victor, "This band is more than ever an important part of my spiritual life. I don't persist with it for the fame and glory, but out of gratitude and modesty because God has given me this gift."

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10th October 2019

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***Monstrous New 'Zero Days' Studio Album Released July 28th On Steamhammer / SPV, + UK & Ireland July Headline Tour Dates Confirmed***

"Some bands you can always depend on to deliver the goods. For 30 years, Prong have been dishing up quality meaty metal, each album tweaking the recipe slightly. And this, their 11th album, is a heaving smorgasbord of all those sounds. You want chugging thrash? Try the juggernaut riffs of rabid opener 'Ultimate Authority'. Something anthemic? Look no further than 'Do Nothing's sky-scraping choruses. And for industrial stomp, head to the brooding title-track, which harks back to the industrial metal blueprint they laid out and Nine Inch Nails built on. There's stuff here for new and old Prong-heads to sink their teeth into, and enough for seconds. Dig in." (James Mcmahon, Kerrang! Editor's review of 'X - No Absolutes', February 2016).

Seminal US power trio Prong have lined up the release of 'Zero Days', their stonking 12th studio album, on Steamhammer / SPV, on July 28th, as a digipack CD (+ 1 bonus track), and as a double gatefold, 180 gram red vinyl, (with printed inner sleeves + CD in cardboard sleeve), plus download and stream. 'Zero Days', an absolute monster of an album, picks up where 2016's hugely rated 'X - No Absolutes' left off, taking yet another major step towards refining the perfect Prong sound. The hard driving metal titans are set to preview their amazing new album at the following headline gigs in July:

18th July GLASGOW Audio
19th July BELFAST Voodoo
20th July DUBLIN Voodoo Lounge
21st July MANCHESTER Rebellion
22nd July LONDON Underworld

Musically, the album hits home from the first bars of the mighty opener 'However It May End' to the last bars of closing track 'Wasting Of The Dawn'. Every track is it's own emotional roller-coaster ride, chock-full of massive riffage and ironclad grooves, all topped off by Victor's ever-improving vocal delivery. 'Zero Days' was once again produced by Tommy Victor, with trusted collaborator Chris Collier as co-producer and engineer. 'Zero Days' was written in between massive tours as special guests of Obituary and Exodus in Europe and then Testament and Sepultura in North America. Tommy Victor states that "I must say a lot of effort was put into this new 'Zero Days' recording. From the minute I would get off tour, I would consolidate ideas from the road and form new ones. Again the focus was on creating good songs. We wanted this record to be modern as well as holding justice to all the previous releases. Again and maybe even more than normally I went crazy meticulous with the lyrics. I had built up a lot to say and I wanted to articulate them in the most intelligent way possible. I firmly believe the mission was accomplished all around. We are really pleased with the performances on this record, as well. It's a solid outing. We have the anthems, the bangers, the thrashers, the grooves, everything that makes up a PRONG record. It's definitely a record to listen to start to finish!!"

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4th July 2017

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***Vital New Studio Album 'X - No Absolutes' Released February 5th On Steamhammer / SPV + London Underworld Gig March 26th 2016 Announced***

Influential hard driving NYC crossover metal titans Prong have confirmed the release of their superb tenth studio album 'X No Absolutes', on Steamhammer / SPV on February 5th 2016 as a digipak CD (incl. bonus track + poster), 2 LP Gatefold version (red 180 gram vinyl, + CD in paper sleeve), and download. The explosive power trio have also announced a sole UK show at London's Underworld on March 26th; tickets, priced 15 in advance, are available now from

'X No Absolutes' is Prong, (who were formed nigh on 30 years ago by guitarist and vocalist Tommy Victor in 1986), at their very best. The sheer intensity and ferocity of the album's opening triumvirate 'Ultimate Authority', 'Sense Of Ease' and 'Without Words' leaves the listener gasping for air. The title track is crunchy and catchy at the same time, while 'Do Nothing' may be as close as you will ever hear Prong get to a ballad and shows the enormous progress and confidence Victor has made vocally. It is hard to find a weak spot here; notably Victor mentions that "Sequencing the album was a difficult task; every song is so strong in its own way". Again produced by Tommy Victor, this time with trusted collaborator Chris Collier as co-producer and engineer, "X No Absolutes", which is packed with the band's trademark driving riffs and pinpoint-precise grooves, also broadens the horizon sonically.

Tommy states that "Prong is excited about the upcoming release of our tenth studio release of new material, 'X - No Absolutes'. It seems as though our recent records keep getting better and this new recording definitely appears to be a testament to this. Prong has maintained aggression while tackling the challenge of creating classic songs and anthems in the past, but we have gone even a step further with this mentality on 'No Absolutes'. Here you will find a collection of riff intensified crushers, furious barn burners, and fist pumping sing-a-longs. Also, this record exhibits even more technical proficiency, showing progress again on all fronts. We feel the listener needs to be excited about every lyric, performance, sound, etc. for the duration of the record. This record throws a powerful punch, yet we feel it to be memorable and in demand of future listens with its energy, strong production and overall catchiness. Our themes on this record will certainly inspire some thought. Whether it be a dose of self-discovery, a dialogue of a personal challenge or a viscous finger pointing at what we believe to be a falsehood, those attentive to messages and lyrics in general will be supplied. And we feel they will be compelled to shout aloud with, mimic a riff, sing along or cry out in pain with 'Prong X - No Absolutes'!"
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7th January 2016

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***Announce new album ‘Songs From The Black Hole’ due for release March 30th via Steamhammer / SPV + UK tour dates announced for April***

American power-trio PRONG are set to release their new covers album ‘Songs From The Black Hole’ on March 30th via Steamhammer / SPV. The record sees PRONG putting a distinct spin on 10 punk rock anthems originally recorded by luminaires such as Black Flag, Fugazi, Discharge, Bad Brains, Adolescents, The Sisters Of Mercy, Killing Joke, Hüsker Dü and Neil Young. These are the songs that originally helped inspire this legendary New York trio when they first formed out of the hardcore grime of CBGB’s back in 1986.

“We’re very excited about the upcoming release of this record”, explains front-man Tommy Victor. “We are equally excited about the artwork and packaging too!” he adds. “Since the record explores Prong's roots, musically and geographically, this needed to be expressed visually”.

With the help of art director Mike Lopez, PRONG’s album artwork brings “the themes of urban decay, desolation, insecurity and ultimate change that prevails in the music to the surface in images. Since much of PRONG’s origins come from a place of abandonment, we feel our new album artwork fully reflects this sentiment. I think one can get a firm grip of the hard hitting, dangerous sounds inside from just a glimpse of the packaging of Songs From The Black Hole. We certainly hope you enjoy this latest release, inside and out”.

Track listing
1. Doomsday (DISCHARGE)
2. Vision Thing (SISTERS OF MERCY)
3. Goofy`s Concern (BUTTHOLE SURFERS)
4. Kids Of The Black Hole (ADOLESCENTS)
5. The Bars (BLACK FLAG)
6. Seeing Red (KILLING JOKE)
7. Don`t Want To Know If You Are Lonely (HÜSKER DÜ)
8. Give Me The Cure (FUGAZI)
9. Banned in DC (BAD BRAINS)
10. Cortez The Killer (NEIL YOUNG)

PRONG are: Tommy Victor, (guitar, vocals) Jason Christopher, (bass) and Art Cruz (drums). Catch them live on tour in the UK at the dates below:-

April 21st Birmingham - O2 Academy 2
April 22nd Liverpool - O2 Academy 2
April 23rd London - O2 Islington Academy
April 24th Bristol - O2 Academy

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9th February 2015

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