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*** Sanguine share new video for latest single ‘Empty’ (ft. Jesper Stromblad), and hit the road with Mushroomhead from March 18th ***

Fast-rising female fronted alt. metallers Sanguine have shared a new video for their latest single, ‘Empty’, which is released on March 18th, to coincide with the start of a 15 date UK tour as guests of Mushroomhead.

‘Empty’ is the fourth track to be taken from Sanguine’s stunningly intense, eclectic and inventive second album, ‘Black Sheep’, which was given a Europe-wide release at the end of January via Odyssey Music, and is one of two tracks on album to feature Jesper Stromblad (In Flames, The Resistance) guesting on guitar. The moody sci-fi styled video which accompanies it is the band’s second collaboration with emerging young Australian director Tyson Wade Johnston, who recently joined Warner Studios in Hollywood, after creating a massive movie industry buzz with his independent short film, ‘Lunar’.

Fusing scenes from Johnston’s futuristic film ‘Seed’, about one man’s mission to an isolated planet named Gaia, with footage of the band performing in a bleak and remote location, the ‘Empty’ clip packs an eerie, otherworldly visual atmosphere. Meanwhile, the song itself showcases the kind of driving riffs, mercurial swings from melody to brutality, and dynamic vocal interplay between frontwoman Tarin Kerrey and guitarist Nick Magee which make Sanguine such a compelling live act, and exciting opener for the upcoming Mushroomhead tour.

Watch it now here; -

The tour kicks off this Friday at Manchester’s Club Academy. Nick comments, “we're stoked to be hitting the road with Mushroomhead! We've got a full on set planned for these shows and can't wait to bring ‘Black Sheep’ to everyone who has supported us in the UK. Bring it on.....we'll see you in the pit!”

Dates are; -

Fri 18th March MANCHESTER, Club Academy
Sat 19th March SHEFFIELD, Corporation
Sun 20th March NOTTINGHAM, Rescue Rooms
Tues 22nd March GLASGOW, Classic Grand
Weds 23rd March NEWCASTLE, Northumbria University
Thurs 24th March BIRMINGHAM, O2 Academy 2
Fri 25th March CHESTER, Live Rooms
Sat 26th March BRISTOL, Marble Factory
Sun 27th March PLYMOUTH, The Hub
Tues 29th March CARDIFF, The Globe
Weds 30th March LONDON, Electric Ballroom
Thurs 31st March BRIGHTON, Concorde 2
Fri 1st April SOUTHAMPTON, Engine Rooms
Sat 2nd April NORWICH, Waterfront
Sun 3rd April READING, Sub 89

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14th March 2016

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*** Incendiary alt. metallers unleash brutal and beautiful second album ‘Black Sheep’ on January 29th, via Odyssey Music ***

To get a sense of the world-conquering scale of alt. metallers’ Sanguine’s ambition, you need only check out, the anthemic closing track on their highly impressive second album ‘Black Sheep’. Titled ‘Whole World’, it hears frontwoman Tarin purr “I want more, I want the whole world”. Sanguine have always dreamed big, and have already proven they possess the resources to realise their grand hopes. The Devon-based group’s early demos and self-recorded debut album won them the support of Joey Jordison, helped to secure a slot at Download festival, and introduced them to Maiden’s Adrian Smith, who then personally invited Tarin to lend her incredible voice to his Primal Rock Rebellion project.

Since starting work on ‘Black Sheep’ they’ve already had the opportunity to see a sizable chunk of the world. Recording took place at In Flames’ IF Studio in Gothenburg, Sweden, and from there Sanguine travelled to Hard Rock Hell Ibiza, and on to Los Angeles, where they played a showcase event which ultimately led to them signing a deal with Leaders Group to release ‘Black Sheep’ in Japan. The next stop was Berlin, home of Odyssey Music, who will give the album a Europe-wide release on January 29th.

In both geographical and musical terms, ‘Black Sheep’ is a record that nimbly crosses borders. What has consistently stood Sanguine apart from the metal flock, and endeared them to audiences and taste makers the world over, is their inventive, unique take on the genre, and ability to draw from an astounding range of sources to create a sound which is both eclectic and highly distinctive. The band’s first professional studio recording, ‘Black Sheep’ is slicker than previous releases, but still uncompromising in its manic mixing of influences, ranging from the atmospherics of Massive Attack, to the rock dynamics of Faith No More, SOAD and Tool. Tarin explains, “we get bored easily, so we’re always looking for new styles to explore. As a musician you need to challenge yourself; it would be dull for us as a band to keep writing the same old songs, and I promise this album will not bore you!”.

Variety is something ‘Black Sheep’ has in spades, with Tarin’s instantly recognisable vocals providing the unifying thread to tie it all together, and her bandmates – guitarist Nick Magee, bassist Ross Andrew and drummer Matt Feld – displaying the technical range to navigate every twist and turn with confidence and conviction. At one end of the spectrum you’ll hear the dreamy, lighters aloft sway of ‘Whole World’, which reaches for the stadium stars with its lyrical ambition and anthemic hook. ‘Breathe In’, featuring In Flames’ Jesper Stromblad on guitar, then delivers a fragile and beautiful ballad. At the other extreme is ‘Empty’, a co-write with Stromblad, that contrasts stark walls of noise with passages of melody, and pits Tarin’s clean vocals against Nick’s growls. Then there’s the brutally heavy title track, which Tarin explains gives vent to the frustrations of being the ‘black sheep’ of a family she became estranged from at age 15, leading to a period of homelessness and rough sleeping in a stairwell.

The world-embracing scale of Sanguine’s ambition is all the more striking for the fact that the band are frequently coming from the perspective of the outsider. ‘Black Sheep’ is a record which offers something for every mood and every listener, while still being unmistakably the work of a highly singular group who’ve always operated outside of the herd. The title ‘Black Sheep’ suggested itself, perfectly summing up their experiences and outlook, and when the time came to create sleeve art for the release, the band received a gory sign they were on the right track.

At the time, guitarist Nick was working with vulnerable adults, helping them to obtain the correct benefits and settle in Britain. Amongst his clients was an ex-Maori tribesman, who insisted it would insult him not to offer some form of payment for the support he’d received. Having noticed the man wearing polished bone necklaces, Nick asked if he could give him a crash course in bone carving, and soon found an opportunity to put his new skills to the test, when he was walking on Dartmoor and discovered the carcass of a sheep. “I can’t really describe what it feels like to chisel the head of a dead sheep off the body, but er, yeah, that”, he grimaces. “I boiled it for three days in my garden, then I just pictured what I wanted to do and started to carve. We had already decided to call the album ‘Black Sheep’ at that point. It was a spooky coincidence that the skull I found was a sheep and not a cow or a pig or something”.

The intricate carving that resulted from this gruesome endeavour provides a perfect visual partner to the sounds of ‘Black Sheep’; an album which is by turns beautiful and visceral, bloody and optimistic, and which predicts a very bright future for Sanguine.
Sheepish – Alison Bateman on 020 8677 8466 / 07751 595710.

15th December 2015

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*** Blistering alt. metal four-piece share first video from new album ‘Black Sheep’, out January 29th via Odyssey Music ***

Eclectic, uncompromising and utterly unique female-fronted alt. metal quartet Sanguine have announced the Europe-wide release of their sophomore album ‘Black Sheep’ on January 29th, via Odyssey Music.

Following on from Sanguine’s critically acclaimed self-titled, self-released debut, ‘Black Sheep’ has, literally and figuratively, seen the Devon-based band come a long way. Recorded at In Flames’ Gothenburg studios, it is their first professional studio recording, and hears Sanguine embrace fresh technical polish and production expertise, while still refusing to compromise on the schizophrenic sound that has long set them apart from the flock. Guitarist Nick Magee comments, “This album has been a real journey. It started back in 2012 when we started cutting demo's in Gothenburg. Since then the album has taken us to Berlin, Hollywood Los Angeles, Ibiza, Las Vegas and Stockholm. We've had a blast and can't wait to release it all!”

In the countdown to the album’s release, the band will be rewarding fans who pre-order copies with two instant gratification download tracks (‘Social Decay’, available with orders placed now, and ‘Black Sheep’, available from December 4th), and will be sharing a series of teaser videos. The first clip to be posted is the lyric video for title track ‘Black Sheep’; a brutal example of Sanguine at their most full-on and fearsome. Nick says "it is very much the black sheep song off the album... it's really raw compared to the other songs, we wanted that passion on the album and we're so glad we captured it!”

Watch it now here;

Built around Nick’s imaginative and versatile guitar work, and the mercurial vocals of songwriting partner Tarin Kerrey, whose voice can swing from banshee howl to angelic melody in the space of a single track, Sanguine formed while still at Exeter University and immediately began generating a buzz. With drummer Matt Feld and bassist Ross Andrew bringing the awesomely tight and heavy rhythms, the band concocted a unique, immediately recognisable, take on alternative metal. Rich in dark humour, their sound draws as readily from the atmospherics of Massive Attack as the sonic dynamics of rock icons like Tool, Faith No More and System of a Down, while maintaining an unmistakable identity through the eclecticism, and a resolutely song-led stance through even the heaviest moments.

Their early demos moved Slipknot’s Joey Jordison to comment it “sounds to be a hit!”, and encouraged SikTh’s Mikee Goodman to volunteer his production services to debut EP ‘Live, Consume, Drive’. Accompanied by a trippy and terrifying Scuzz-playlisted video, the EP also introduced Sanguine’s skill for creating retina-searingly memorable visuals, and for delivering the frantic, infectiously energetic performances, which would later win them a slot at Download festival, and supports with Megadeth, The Defiled and Cancer Bats, to name but a few.

If 2012’s self-titled full-length debut was an example of how much can be achieved by sharp minds on a limited budget (recorded in a burnt out aircraft hangar and the space above a local sex shop, it went on to receive praise from the likes of Zero Tolerance, Powerplay and Big Cheese), then ‘Black Sheep’ sees Sanguine draw on new experience and resources to develop into a real force to be recorded with. As well as recording at In Flames’ studios, they convinced guitarist Jesper Stromblad to guest on one track, and co-write another. The Scandinavian dream team was then completed by producer Daniel Flores (Crucified Barbara, Seventh Wonder), who helped the band to realize ‘Black Sheep’s rich, textured sound.

Nick sums up, “we can't believe how well it's gone in a lot of ways - the music industry is tough at the moment so we are lucky to have been given the opportunity to do so many different things. This album has something for everyone I think - we wrote it sort of like a sound track to your life. Each song has a different energy.”
Straying from the flock – Alison Bateman on 020 8677 8466 / 07751 595710.

15th November 2015

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