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“This band kicks major ass and represents everything that was great about the NWOBHN. take heaping doses of Diamond Head, Jaguar, Holocaust, Tresspass and Angel Witch, add renewed vigor, a retro production, and then crank it up. As much as I loved the band’s extended-play ‘Curse Of The Damned’ is much better. Every song is fierce, weighty and vintage. One could even use the word ‘nostalgic’ as a descriptive word here, but that implies, in some cases, irrelevance. Let me tell you this – Night Demon is not only relevant, but has leapt to the top of the new wave of traditional metal heap with this spectacular release. While the likes of Skull Fist, Stallion, Amulet, Cauldron, White Wizard, Holy Grail etc are all great bands, Night Demon trumps them with ‘Curse Of The Damned’. 10/10”(Tony Pijar, Powerplay Magazine, February 2015).

Mighty classic metal newcomers Night Demon have announced the release of their storming second album, ‘Darkness Remains’, on April 21st on Steamhammer / SPV, as a digipak CD, 180 gram dark green vinyl LP, (with printed inner sleeves and CD in cardboard sleeve), plus download and stream. ‘Darkness Remains’, packed with exuberant, hard driving ‘New Wave Of British Heavy Metal’ inspired thrills and chills, is a much more mature, accomplished offering than its acclaimed predecessor, ‘Curse Of The Damned’.

Jarvis Leatherby (vocals/bass), Armand John Anthony (guitar), and Dusty Squires (drums), have truly honed their songwriting chops significantly down. Not only has the band’s overall sound matured, but the individual members have carved out their own niches, sharpened their attack, and even taken some chances along the way. Boasting a full, powerful, and clear production that retains a raw edginess, ‘Darkness Remains’ sets the gold standard for how a traditional metal record should sound in 2017.

Night Demon erupted on to the underground metal scene around their picturesque beachside home town of Ventura an hour north of Los Angeles, with their self-titled four song EP in 2012. The ensuing notable street buzz lead to the band landing support slots on US tours with the likes of Diamond Head and Raven in 2013, plus a series of DIY van tours across Europe in 2013 and 2014. Numerous European record companies who caught the band live were very interested in signing the band, but Night Demon chose to ink with Steamhammer / SPV Records to release their debut, full length album, ‘Curse Of The Damned’, in January 2015.

Following the release of Curse Of The Damned’, Night Demon set off on multiple crisscross headline US tours, as well as playing as special guests of heavyweights such as Carcass and Crobar. Their relentless touring in Europe, combined with rave reviews of ‘Curse Of The Damned’ led to the band scoring a high profile slot on the main stage of Germany’s Bang Your Head Festival in July 2016. The band has already completed two tours of Mexico, and have just concluded a 20 date Jan/ Feb headline tour of South America. Following their March / April special guest shows on Anvil’s 2017 US tour, Night Demon have lined up an extensive headline tour of Europe, culminating with a string of major festival appearances.

With each successive tour, Night Demon’s live show has incorporated additional production elements, including innovative lighting, visual effects and the nightly onstage appearance of the band’s black-cloaked skeletal mascot, Rocky, to haunt, goad and tempt concertgoers into drinking from the chalice.

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28th February 2017

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