*** Hook-laden heavy rockers release ‘Living On Mars’ EP on 18th November ***

“really dynamic, powerful female vocals” - Alex Baker, Kerrang! radio
“blistering riffs, hook-laden choruses, great vocals and strong tunes” - Fireworks
"solid metal riffs and mighty vocals … I see a bright future” - Devolution
“with a good balance between hard rock muscle and commercial hooks, Kill For Eden are a temptation worth giving into” - Powerplay

Lead by the staggering lung power of rock / soul singer Lyla D’Souza, London quintet Kill For Eden bring a unique charisma and contemporary edge to enduring classic rock songcraft. A self-titled debut album, packed with heavy riffs, instant hooks, and heart ‘n’ soul vocal performances, was released this May, and attracted a future hard rock heroes’ welcome for the band. Fireworks magazine’s James Gaden declared it “one of the strongest debut albums I’ve heard in a long time”, while Powerplay’s Duncan Jamieson reinforced the sense this was an act deserving of seasoned rock fans’ attention, by hailing a “remarkably assured” debut.

Loathe to rest on their laurels, Kill For Eden have wasted no time in getting back to the studio, and now present two brand new tracks along with a prime cut from the album on November 18th’s ‘Living On Mars’ EP. While the fresh tunes display a breadth and versatility that promises to take Kill For Eden far and keep listeners already converted to their cause on board all the way, the A-side offers newcomers an enticing, extremely moreish taste of what they’ve been missing. Matching swaggering riffs grounded in The Cult and Zeppelin to Lyla’s vitriolic vocal attack on an ex who has alienated himself by allowing his own hype to go to his head, ‘Living In Mars’ perfectly sums up the balance of hard rock chops and pop hooks that distinguished the band across their diverse debut album.

‘The Dome’ then further expands an eclectic range of influences, with guitarists Dave Garfield and Andrea Basiola pushing into heavier territory and serving up slabs of grinding riffage and a climactic shredding solo. Meanwhile, Lyla took lyrical inspiration from Stephen King’s socially conscious sci-fi thriller ‘Under The Dome’, and explains she found its portrayal of a community trapped under glass to be a “disturbing and insightful” commentary on less visible, but equally powerful, barriers in broader society. The novel’s paranoid, claustrophobic feel is skilfully conveyed in an eerie enclosed verse, erupting into a frantic chorus, which charges along to new recruit Wally Miroshnikov’s urgent drums as though gripped by the fight-or-flight instinct.

Finally, ‘Shoot Me’ brings the ‘Living On Mars’ EP down to more earthly matters, when Lyla injects a raw edge of fresh heartache into an age-old tale of destructive, addictive passion. Kill For Eden again create an utterly immersive listening experience here, by reflecting the lyrics‘ story in the sonics. Caught up in the irresistible pull of a filthy riff and bassist Mike McGuiness’ guttural grooves, Lyla snaps from regret and reflection on the introspective verse, into howling “when you shoot me / I can’t get enough!”, with a ferocity capturing the intense emotion of the moment love and hate meet.

The band’s distinctive sound is quite literally a meeting of musical experience and influences from every corner of the earth. While Lyla hails from Australia, Andrea from Italy, and Wally from Russia, Dave has previously clocked up airmiles on international tours supporting the likes of Rammstein and Joe Cocker, as well as recording for EMI and BMG Germany during a stint in Cologne. The common ground amongst this cosmopolitan line-up is undoubtedly a shared spirit of adventure, and their drive and hunger for new horizons is readily apparent on rapid-fire follow-up to the debut album. Delivering songs with staying power, and displaying the technical skills to take on any challenge, ‘Living On Mars’ is an exciting next step from an act with a bright future before them.

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12th September 2013

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