Visceral German thrash metal meisters Assassin are set to release their brutal fifth studio album ‘Combat Cathedral’, packed with twelve razor sharp cuts of rousing, cranium crunching compositions, on May 20th on Steamhammer / SPV. ‘Combat Cathedral’, which will be available as a digipak CD, 180 gram red vinyl LP (with CD in paper sleeve) and download, is an impressive, powerful, full throttle thrash metal tour de force which more than justifies Assassin’s legendary status in the upper echelons of the Teutonic Thrash Metal Scene.

‘Combat Cathedral’, the follow-up to 2011’s ‘Breaking The Silence’, features new vocalist Ingo ‘Crowzak’ Bajonczak, (formerly in Lord of Giant, Supersoma and New Damage), who stepped up to the mike after previous singer Robert Gonella left the band in 2014. “Ingo was not only able to fill in the blank, but, as he’s an experienced guitarist, he’s able to communicate with the rest of the band on a whole other level”, the band comment in unison.

Assassin, who formed in Dusseldorf in 1984, soon won over a sizeable live following and became the third thrash act to sign to Steamhammer / SPV - after Sodom and Destruction - when they inked a deal with the label in 1986. Assassin’s debut, self-produced album, ‘The Upcoming Terror’, sold over 15,000 copies on release in 1987. Their second album, ‘Interstellar Experience’, produced by Harris Johns, was ecstatically received and propelled Assassin even further into the upper echelons of the German Thrash Metal scene on release in 1988. Assassin were then invited to support Death Angel across Germany on a virtually sold-out tour, further swelling the ranks of their rapidly growing fan base. But disaster struck when, while working on the follow up to ‘Interstellar Experience’ at the end of 1989, the group’s rehearsal room was burgled and all their equipment was stolen. Assassin didn’t have any equipment insurance, so, lacking the funds to reinvest in new gear, and, having lost the will to continue, broke up shortly afterwards.

Fast forward to the end of 2002, when Assassin officially reformed, and cheered on by their die-hard fans’ chants of ‘Go! Fight! Kill’, triumphantly returned to the live arena; “It was like coming home”. In 2005, Assassin self - released ‘The Club’, their third album, produced by guitarist Michael Hoffman, (who played on ‘Interstellar Experience’ before becoming an official member of Sodom from 1990 to 1991), and began a relentless period of playing live all round their native Germany. In Spring 2010 Assassin played a series of shows in Asia, including several concerts in Japan, which were professionally recorded and filmed for future DVD release. In Autumn 2010 Assassin signed a brand new deal with SPV / Steamhammer, who reunited the musicians with producer Harris Johns to record ‘Breaking The Silence’, a monumental slab of fast, unrelenting, gut-wrenching thrash metal. January 2013 saw the release of the band’s first ever DVD, ‘Chaos And Live Shots’, recorded at two concerts in Osaka, Japan, in 2010. Not only were Assassin’s 2 furious shows caught on camera, but also the everyday madness this chaos squad lives in, along with bizarre anecdotes and wild film sequences of the band. Now ‘Combat Cathedral’, a colossal, powerful, ultra-heavy riff – laden metal masterpiece, can only win over a whole new legion of fans of these eminant thrash metal titans.
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5th April 2016

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