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Swedish Death/Black Metal band Dissection are set to return after eight years with a powerful, melodic new single, 'Maha Kali', a hymn to the wrathful Hindu mother-goddess of Mahapralaya - released on December 13th, on Escapi Music through RSK - immediately followed by a five date UK tour from December 14th to 19th.

Founder Jon Nödtveidt, who was convicted of being an accomplice to murder in 1997 and sentenced to ten years in prison, spent his time in maximum security jail practicing on acoustic guitar, reading books and writing songs. "I'm never going back to prison again", he vows. "I know what I want from life and I am going to get it. There is no way that I can change my past, but I stand up and take the consequences of my actions. Without the ordeals of these years in prison, I would not be where I am today. These years have given me time to contemplate the true worth of making the best possible out of your life. I have been lucky. I have had so much support from those on the outside, my family, my brothers and sisters on the left hand path, and the unfaltering legions of fans supporting Dissection out there. I have had the blessings of the dark gods to reawaken my black flame!"

On release this year Jon recruited highly talented new band members; the Italian 'Set' Teitan on guitar, Frenchman Brice Leclercq on bass and Swede Thomas Asklund on drums. The new line-up recorded 'Maha Kali', Dissection's first studio recording since 1995, and set up a full scale European tour. Escapi Music, who filmed Dissection when they kicked off the tour in Stockholm on October 30th - for future release on DVD - are now set to rush release the 'Rebirth of Dissection' 'Maha Kali' two track CD single, on December 13th. Dissection then bring their 'Anti-Cosmic Metal Of Death' European tour to Britain at the following headline shows:-

Dec. 14th London Kings Cross Scala
Dec. 15th Birmingham Edwards No. 8
Dec. 16th Dublin The Village
Dec. 18th Glasgow Barfly
Dec. 19th Bradford Rio's

Dissection were formed in 1989 and rapidly built a major underground following in Sweden. Their debut album 'The Somberlain', hailed as "A new brand of sinister, majestic, satanic Death Metal", was released at the end of 1993 and stormed to the top of the Scandinavian Metal Charts in January 1994. After the release of their second studio album, 'Storm Of The Light's Bane', in 1995, Dissection toured the UK with Cradle Of Filth, the USA with Morbid Angel and then Europe with Darkthrone and Satyricon in 1996. In 1997 they ravaged Europe on the triumphant ' Gods Of Darkness Tour' with Cradle Of Filth, In Flames and Dimmu Borgir, culminating with a monumental appearance at the Wacken Open Air Festival that year…

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