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***Live Dvd 'Live Blasphemies'
Released 4/10/04***

Legendary Swedish death metallers Dismember are set to release their live DVD 'LIVE BLASPHEMIES' on 4/10/04 on Escapi Music, through Pinnacle. Featuring the full-length concert @ the Klubben venue in Stockholm, Sweden, recorded in 2003, and a fantastic array of extras, 'LIVE BLASPHOMIES' captures the band at their most intense and dynamic.

Released hot on the heels of their long-awaited latest album 'Where Ironcrosses Grow' - the most impressive and powerful album to emerge from Stockholm's Death Metal scene since the glory days back in the early 90's, 'LIVE BLASPHEMIES' shows Dismember on top form. All the Dismember ingredients are still there...the shredding, thunderous grinding guitars, the intense drumming, the almost trademarked enriching guitar-solos fused with Matti Kärki's immense lungs...the whole band are performing to the top of their killing capacity and we are privileged with another gem from one of Sweden's classic death metal acts.

The set kicks off at a blistering pace and unforgiving volume, throwing the young Swedish rock hungry crowd into a metal-inspired frenzy. As 'Soon to be Dead' kicks in with Fred Estby's double-time drumming you realise the pace isn't going to let up during the set at all. The already euphoric crowd are taken up a level by the intro to the controversial 'Skin her Alive'.

In the late 90's Dismember arrived in England for a leg of a European tour only to be arrested and taken to court over 'Skin Her Alive's lyrical content; speaking in the documentary interview on disc 2 vocalist Matt Karki manages to see the funny side; 'Was court in England similar to on the television?' 'There were no wigs or anything but it was hard not to laugh when they bought a stereo into the courtroom and played the album!' Thankfully the Swedes are a more liberal bunch and the performance of 'Skin Her Alive' here is three minutes of pure metal chaos!

On their finale, 'Hate Campain', the gig explodes as the bass - led intro sets the crowd alight, and for a split second these Swedish death metallers look like they may actually be enjoying themselves!

Disc 2 features a documentary on the band, including footage from their first ever performance from 1988 and other classic footage from shows dating back to 1989, covering early European shows, a U.S and Japanese tour. Special features include band biography, discography and image gallery.

Dismembered - Roland Hyams on 020 8677 8466 / 8769 6713.
August 25th 2004.