US power metal legends Virgin Steele have confirmed the re-release of their 1994 / 1995 ‘The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell I+II’ & 1998’s ‘Invictus’ albums on June 30th on Steamhammer / SPV. ‘The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell I+II’ & ‘Invictus’ will both be re-released as double digipak CD’s, with massive bonus tracks – some previously unreleased - containing extensive new booklets with rare photos and new liner notes by vocalist David DeFeis.

David DeFeis states that “It is an honor, and it is my great pleasure to be able to re-release with SPV, the two ‘Marriage Of Heaven and Hell’ albums, and the ‘Invictus’ album this year. These albums loom large in our catalogue, and so much of our blood, sweat & history can be found within the fabric of these works. In addition to the original running order titles we will also present various bonus tracks...The ‘Marriage Of Heaven and Hell’ discs contain two live tracks recorded in Germany during ‘The Marriage’ Tour, plus some new songs. Originally on the bonus disc for ‘Invictus’ we had planned to issue this new 19 song ‘Ghost Harvest’ collection that I had spoken about in the latest interviews. That plan has changed. Ghost Harvest’, (which has now grown into more than 1 CD at this time!!!)....will instead be included in the upcoming box-set... and the bonus disc inside ‘Invictus’, which bears the title: ‘Fire Spirits’ will contain over the top acoustic versions of various songs mainly taken from ‘The Marriage Of Heaven & Hell’ and ‘Invictus’ albums... (but a few others appear as well)....It will also contain a brand new track. The performances on ‘Fire Spirits’ were captured live and are raw, heartfelt and genuine. We wanted to show those who missed out on the acoustic gigs we had done, some of what went on there, and to also express how powerful these stripped down versions can be. With the appearance of these re-issues and the inclusion of all the various bonus tracks contained within these collections, we give thanks and salute all of You who have taken this Barbaric-Romantic ride with us....we hope you will enjoy these Works that celebrate the interaction and chemistry of the Group, and which are testament to the enduring strength of our Friendship...!”

Virgin Steele, who were formed over three decades ago, in Long Island New York in 1981, forged their own magnificent musical path from day one; DeFeis states that “There are three terms I like to use when discussing the Virgin Steele sound; ‘Romantic Expressionism’, ‘Symphonic Blues Based Metal’, and, my favourite, or more appropriately, the one that most aptly conjures up the Sound of this Music in my mind, ‘Barbaric Romanticism’. With our music we wish to invoke the spiritual nature locked within all men and women.”

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30th May 2014

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US power metal legends Virgin Steele, who are currently celebrating their 30th anniversary, have confirmed the re-release of their classic 1988 ‘Age Of Consent’ album, with 7 bonus tracks, (5 of which are brand new) on January 9th on Steamhammer / SPV.

‘Age Of Consent’ album has been completely re-mastered and will be re-released as a double digipak CD and double gatefold blue vinyl LP, containing an extensive new booklet with rare photos and new liner notes by vocalist David DeFeis.

DeFeis states that “To me ‘Age Of Consent’ is the album that I usually refer to as ‘the one that got away album’ in our career. When it was originally released it was sent out into the World without any promotion or fanfare, much like a soldier, catapulted onto a battlefield, naked and without any weapons. Because of this many people were completely unaware of its existence. Therefore we are absolutely over the moon about being able to present it to you once again. For this re-issue, I have re-mastered all the songs from the original source tapes, and added several more bonus tracks. Some of the bonus material features brand new compositions, and other tracks are covers that have been re-arranged and in some cases re-written. We hope that you will join us in celebrating our anniversary, and....we hope you will enjoy & play at maximum volume...these Barbaric-Romantic creations....”

‘Age of Consent’ was the fourth full length album by US heavy metal band Virgin Steele. It took eight months to be completed, in comparison with 1986’s ‘Noble Savage’ which was recorded in only a few weeks, and was originally released in October 1988. The songs of this album follow in style and content the music of the band’s previous album ‘Noble Savage’, adding a more polished sound and production. Prior to the release of “Age Of Consent” Virgin Steele toured heavily around Europe as special guests of Black Sabbath and Manowar.

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November 24th 2011

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American power metal band Virgin Steele’s landmark 1986 album ‘Noble Savage’, which is still considered one of the most important manifests of heavy and epic metal worldwide, will be re-released on Steamhammer / SPV on April 18th, containing 19 bonus tracks, 12 of which are previously unreleased. ‘Noble Savage’ will be re-released as a double digipak CD, boasting a new booklet with rare photos and new liner notes by David Defeis, and as double, gatefold, yellow vinyl LP.

‘Noble Savage’, Virgin Steele’s third album, was the first in which the band was completely satisfied with the music and sound, and one of the most important in the history of the group.

Main man David Defeis states that “’Noble Savage’ is an extremely important album in the history of Virgin Steele. It was a major accomplishment for us at the time that it was recorded, and an immensely satisfying recording that I feel still holds up quite well today. It was the most focused, most well recorded, written and performed album we had done up to that point in our career.”

‘Noble Savage’ is the first album where the current musical style of the band is fully manifested, containing grandiose compositions with a multilayered keyboard sound and more sophisticated arrangements than on previous albums.

Before the ‘Noble Savage’ recordings, original guitarist Jack Starr resigned from the band and was replaced by Edward Pursino, an old friend of DeFeis, whose guitar playing immediately fit very well Virgin Steele's music and style. Pursino’s contribution also came in the form of new musical ideas and compositions and he is still a mainstay in Virgin Steele's line-up.

Noble Savage has become one of the most popular Virgin Steele albums and it includes the songs "We Rule the Nght" and "Noble Savage", which the band still plays live in concert.

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4th April 2011

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