***Poetic Blues / Art Rock Group's Beguiling Six Track 'Nomad' Vinyl Mini-Album Released August 31st Via Thirsty Music***

"Original Quireboys guitarist Guy Bailey is one half of Thirsty, which is completed by Russian poet Irina D. It's a winning combination, with Bailey's subtly skillful blues licks and Irina's intelligent lyrics. With sparkling production by Stones producer Chris Kimsey and plenty of nods to classic 60's soul, 'Albatross' feels like a perfect Sunday morning album. The overall feel is somewhere between Keith Richards' 'Talk Is Cheap' and Lou Reed's 'Coney Island Baby'."
('Albatross' album review by Gus Ironside in Vive Le Rock Magazine January 2017).

Thirsty, the essential bluesy arthouse rock 'n' roll band founded by guitarist Guy Bailey and Russian poet Irina D, have lined up the release of their alluring new 6 track 'Nomad' EP as an exclusive 180 gram 45 rpm vinyl mini-album on Thirsty Music on August 31st.

'Nomad', the follow up to the ensemble's highly acclaimed sophomore album 'Albatross', continues Thirsty's exploration of poetic and unorthodox themes within the framework of the classic three-minute pop song. 'Nomad' is the band's third collaboration with legendary Rolling Stones producer Chris Kimsey, whose unique talents and experience ensured that 'Nomad' retains an authentic vinyl sound from start to finish.

Standout tracks include 'Even Keel', a catchy slice of Lou Reed pure pop, (the first single to radio), 'Mercury Rising', a languid, dark love song exploring the volatility and toxic / poisonous emotions represented by this element, and 'Albatross (Remix)', released for the first time on vinyl - and remixed by Kimsey especially for vinyl.

Looking forward to the band's first vinyl release, Guy Bailey states that "We love the way that the new record looks and how it feels and how its sounds and the cover art is just amazing. Why vinyl? There is nothing digital about live music - and nobody has digital hearing. So digital is always artificial and something always gets lost in the digital processing. Once you listen to the real thing - you get it immediately".

The stunning original artwork for both inner and outer sleeves is the fruit of a close collaboration between Thirsty and acclaimed Chilean Artist Pato Bosich, who co-produced music videos with Irina D for 'Mercury Rising' and 'Albatross', where a fluid live action metamorphosis of Pato's art is achieved using painstaking stop/go animation.

Pato Bosich is an outstanding contemporary artist whose work has been exhibited around the world including in New York; London; Moscow; Barcelona; Venice; Buenos Aires; and Santiago in his native Chile. Based in London since 2000 he has collaborated on diverse artistic projects with the British Museum and National Gallery. Whilst essentially a contemporary artist, Pato's work is rooted in the classical traditions of painting. His previous collections bring about an interweaving of underlying themes such as the mythological and symbolic in "Antiquity"; the fragmentation and transvaluation of contemporary society in "Ship of Fools"; and, in his most recent 2018 collection "I Bleed You Levitate Me", the poetic and alchemical. (For more information, go to Thirsty and Bosich are currently planning a collaborative launch event in London in July, featuring a mix of art, music and video.

Thirsty, whose line-up is completed by fellow Quireboys founder Chris Johnstone on bass and keyboards, plus drummer Simon Hanson (Death In Vegas, Squeeze), released their self-titled debut album, in 2015. 'Thirsty' blended high art and underground rock, telling strange slices of real life and true history, such as the chilling account of a botched lobotomy performed on JFK's wayward sister Rosemary in stand-out track 'God Bless America'. Brooding, beguiling and evocative, 'Thirsty' was an intoxicatingly moreish concoction, which won them much high praise and a continent-spanning cult following.

Thirsty's second album 'Albatross', musically and lyrically woven around themes inspired by literary works by the likes of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, John Bunyan and the Polish author Stanislaw Lem, earned even more acclaim. R2 (Rock'n'Reel) writer John Atkin raved; "In places, 'Albatross' inhabits the same trash-strewn alley as 'Exile On Main St.', at others there are echoes of Tom Waits or even Leonard Cohen, and Bailey's hoarse whisper is the perfect foil to Irina's noir verses, especially on an exquisite junk-shop love song like 'Shore Of Light'. Thrilling".

Fireworks' Duncan Jamieson stated; "At times, it's like the best Keith Richard album that he never made. 'Black Hole' channels the Rolling Stones, whilst 'Va Banque' has an organ that is caressed rather than bashed away at. Irina D adds lilting backing vocals across the tracks and she shares the lead on 'Cosmic Aphrodite'. Her breathless, accentuated vocals brings the late night chanteuse to the track; it's as if Marlene Dietrich is in the building. Bailey demonstrates expertly how former rock and roll hell-raisers can grow up musically without losing their counter-culture credentials."

Irina D's unusual choice of the title 'Nomad' is intended in the sense of movement from one place or state to another facilitating freedom for change and transformation; themes which appear throughout the record on songs such as 'Mercury' and 'Albatross'. Mercury is a traditional symbol of alchemical change, whilst the nomadic 'wandering albatross', migrating thousands of miles between the sky and the ocean, has always had a mythical resonance.

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8th August 2018

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*** Poetic blues rockers fronted by founding Quireboys guitarist Guy Bailey release their Chris Kimsey produced second album 'Albatross' on November 7th via Thirsty Music ***

Thirsty is the creation of unlikely songwriting partners Guy Bailey and Irina D. Described by Led Zeppelin tour manager Richard Cole as "the most uncompromising artist I have worked with", and conversely, by former Quireboys manager Sharon Osbourne, as "a pain in the arse", Guy is the founding Quireboys guitarist who gives Thirsty its parched vocals, sparkling blues guitarlines, and an unfaltering faith in the powerful immediacy of the 3 minute, 45 rpm, single format. Irina is a Russian poet whose dark lyrical narratives bring an atmospheric, arthouse edge to proceedings. As Thirsty, they present a uniquely louche and literary take on the timeless blues-based rock 'n' roll template, which is fleshed out on record by some of the finest musicians in British rock.

Drummer Simon Hanson (Death In Vegas, Squeeze), bass and keyboards man Chris Johnstone (The Quireboys), and backing vocalist Lynne Jackaman (Saint Jude, Jackaman) round out the sound, while esteemed Stones producer Chris Kimsey completes the dream team on both their self-titled debut and the imminent follow-up, 'Albatross'.

Released in 2015, 'Thirsty' was an elegantly dishevelled cocktail of East and West European flavours (with lyrics delivered in both Russian and English), mixing high art influences and underground rock hooks, and telling strange, often disturbing, slices of real life and true history, such as the chilling account of a botched lobotomy performed on JFK's wayward sister Rosemary in stand-out track 'God Bless America'. Brooding, beguiling and evocative, 'Thirsty' was an intoxicatingly moreish concoction, which won them high praise from the rock press, and a continent-spanning cult following.

Now, Thirsty are ready to order up the second round, and this is the point where things start to get looser, louder, and just a little unpredictable. Out on November 7th, via Thirsty Music, second album 'Albatross' hears the band in the groove and more expansive, as they add strings, harmonica, violin and accordion to the rich mixture. The album title, which is taken from opening track 'The Albatross' - a number based on Samuel Taylor Coleridge's epic poem 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner', also points towards a progression in Irina's lyrical approach. On the Tarantino-esque 'Albatross', the preoccupation with the stranger side of reality that dominated the debut is replaced by homages to some of Irina's favourite writers of fiction, and fresh plot twists for reimagined versions of her most beloved literary characters.

'Chaos' identifies a character who was inexplicably left out of the original draft of John Bunyan's 'Pilgrim's Progress', and offers him a theme song of Exile-era Stones style duelling blues guitars, and soulful backing vocals from Lynne Jackaman. More ambitious still is 'Orlando', which explores the idea that the titular sex-changing character and his/her creator, Virginia Woolf, became one and the same person. Whilst growing as a lyricist, Irina has also become bolder as a vocalist on 'Albatross', and in addition to contributing backing vocals on three tracks, she takes the lead on 'Cosmic Aphrodite'; an aching lament sung from the perspective of a stranded astronaut longing for his imaginary wife. Haunting, otherworldly, and powered by Chris Johnstone's sweeping keys, the duet contrasts Irina's sultry, breathy voice with Guy's deeper, raspier tones.

As they've explored new inspirations and arrangements on 'Albatross', Thirsty have also retained and developed some of the most exciting elements of their debut. Chief among these is the warm, organic sound that takes its lead from the Stax recordings of the sixties (an influence most evident on Simon Hanson's rich, deep drum sound), and gives the album an air of live intimacy, rather than studio sterility. Once again, the raw, authentic atmosphere was fostered by producer Chris Kimsey, whose retro production values are well suited to Guy's classic songwriting methods. A firm believer in the notion that following strict, yet simple, structures produces the most creative examples of any artistic discipline, Guy set himself a three-minute target when writing songs for 'Albatross', densely packing each of its concise tracks with enough dark melody, emotive musicianship, and earworm hooks to intrigue the listener and leave them wanting more. It's an approach which reaps plentiful rewards, from the simple, yet unforgettably catchy piano refrain on 'Say It Ain't So Joe', through the Dylan-esque troubadour balladry of 'Beat of Her Heart', and the downbeat and elegiac 'Shore of Light', which utilises violin to create a sense of seething drama.

Guy comments, "I've wanted to do this for years... Making the second album was much easier for us - mainly because the first Thirsty album is a great blueprint. It has to be lots of fun to make. We keep the music sounding as live as possible. Apart from that, our only rule is that there are no rules."

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30th August 2016

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