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"The Unity have wasted no time in firing out a lethal self-titled debut that borrows from Eden's Curse, hints at Tony Martin era Sabbath, early Dio, and, unsurprisingly, Gamma Ray. Somehow they also make the results hugely memorable, easily accessible, hard as nails and as smooth as silk. Superb vocals from Jan Manenti embellish the band's mysterious concoction quite wonderfully, with a twin guitar attack and lush keyboards, this debut stings like a rapier strike." (Fireworks Magazine, Summer 2017 issue).

The Unity, the superb melodic power metal band formed by Gamma Ray members Michael Ehré (drums) and Henjo Richter (guitar), are set to release their storming second album, 'Rise', on Steamhammer / SPV on September 14th. 'Rise' will be available as a digipak CD, double gatefold (transparent with black swirls vinyl LP with printed inner sleeves and CD in a cardboard case), and boxset containing 2LP, Digi CD, a 6-track bonus CD, patch, sticker, badge + poster, in addition to download and stream.

'Rise' is an even more accomplished offering than the band's self-titled debut album, which garnered glowing reviews throughout Europe on release in Spring 2017, and led to Unity being nominated 'Newcomer Of The Year' in Germany's leading Metal Hammer and Rock Hard magazines. All fired up, the band subsequently embarked on tours with Edguy and Sinner and wowed the crowds with their dynamic performances on the main stages of renowned festivals such as Bang Your Head, Metalfest and the Winter Masters Of Rock. "There were nights when we could hardly believe the fans' overwhelming enthusiasm," reminisces Michael Ehré, continuing; "lots of times the headliners of the show met us backstage when we came off, slapping our backs to show their respect."

Totally psyched, The Unity were already working on the successor to their debut when they took a call while they were in the studio. "When we received the offer during the production to tour with Axel Rudi Pell from October, our ambition was kindled all the more," reckons vocalist Gianba Manenti. "The only question was: Will we succeed in getting 'Rise' ready on time?" But the musicians more than rose to the challenge; Manenti recalls that "The most surprising thing was: While we'd initially thought that the tight deadline would be one of the most difficult aspects of the production, it turned out to motivate us even more, the unity professed in our band name turning out to be our greatest forte, plus our clear focus on the tasks ahead. Everyone in the band, from Michael and Henjo through guitarist Stef E to bassist Jogi Sweers and keyboardist Sascha Onnen, worked flat out to make sure that we'd finalise such a strong recording as 'Rise' on time."

While each and every one of the 13 melodious songs contained on 'Rise' massively impresses, mention must be made of rousing up-tempo numbers such as 'No Hero', set to be released as a single on August 10th, 'Last Betrayal' and 'Road To Nowhere', all of which show The Unity refusing to compromise in terms of speed and toughness without sacrificing huge, catchy melodies. Equally impressive are the radio compatible 'The Storm', which Ehré describes as "hard rock with pop appeal" and 'The Willow Tree', the band's first ever ballad.

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19th July 2018

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The Unity, the vital new band formed by Gamma Ray members Michael Ehré (drums) and Henjo Richter (guitar), have signed to Steamhammer / SPV to release their consummate, utterly compelling debut album as a digipak CD (with poster), double gatefold 180 gram vinyl (with printed inner sleeves and CD in a cardboard case), and download on May 5th. Richter has been part of the Hamburg power metal outfit for some twenty years, while Ehré's CV includes – prior to his joining the Gamma Ray fold in 2012 – renowned names such as Firewind, Uli Jon Roth and Unisonic.

The initial inspiration for The Unity is impossible to pin down to a definite date but was apparently an extended and increasingly tangible process. "During many gigs and countless hours in the rehearsal room, Michael and I discovered that we are on the same wavelength, on a personal as well as on a musical level. So we came up with the idea of focusing that part of our creativity that goes beyond Gamma Ray in another band," Richter explains. Michael Ehré adds: "Our artistic ideas are on the one hand so similar that we arrive at a common denominator most of the time and on the other hand they're different enough to ensure a diverse album that doesn't sound boring for a second. Particularly as this band consists of six first-rate songwriters." Richter and Ehré recruited four excellent musicians - who not only share their artistic vision but had already played live onstage with them in other constellations - to complete The Unity line-up; exceptional Italian vocalist Gianba Manenti, guitarist Stef E, bassist Jogi Sweers and keyboardist Sascha Onnen had all previously worked together in Ehré's former group Love.Might.Kill., who released two albums (in 2011 & 2012) and toured Europe extensively.

The Unity spent almost 18 months working flat out on 'The Unity', which was produced by the musicians themselves, (mostly at Ehré's own B Castle Studio), and mixed and mastered by Spain's Miquel A. Riutort at the Psychosomatic Recording Studio. The impressive cover artwork was penned by Alexander Mertsch who has worked for the likes of Deep Purple, Gamma Ray, Status Quo and Europe.

Every powerful hard rock and technically accomplished melodic metal note on 'The Unity' oozes with the creative potential of all the band members, all organic masters of their trade. Powerful numbers, such as the fast and tough album opener 'Rise And Fall', and the grooving 'No More Lies', with its dynamic guitar riff and melodious chorus are just as symptomatic of the group's unbridled energy as the slow, doom-laden 'God Of Temptation' which features a latent Black Sabbath flair thanks to its distinctive guitar hook. 'Close To Crazy', meanwhile, lives up to its "crazy" title and puts the pedal to the metal throughout its barely three minutes playing time, while melodic, catchy album closer 'Never Forget' features a chorus completely in major key, an anthemnic vocal line and Journey-esque atmospheric keyboards.

Integral –Roland Hyams on 020 8677 8466 / 07768 156392

23rd February 2017

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