American hardcore metal legends PRO-PAIN are set to re-release their trailblazing debut 1992 album ‘Foul Taste Of Freedom’ and 1994’s equally accomplished follow-up ‘The Truth Hurts’, on Steamhammer / SPV on June 3rd.

Vocalist / bassist Gary Meskil, who formed Pro-Pain in 1991, states that “We are thrilled to announce that the street date for the re-release of our first two albums (‘Foul Taste Of Freedom’ / ‘The Truth Hurts’) is June 3rd, 2016! Both albums have been remastered (from the original recordings) by V.O. Pulver at Little Creek Studios (Gelterkinden, Switzerland) and are to be released in multiple configurations via the SPV / Steamhammer label.”

‘Foul Taste Of Freedom’, which was nominated for a whole host of heavy metal awards the world over, will be available as a digipak CD, (including 2 bonus tracks and a poster), orange vinyl gatefold LP (including 2 bonus tracks, with printed inner sleeves and CD in paper sleeve), plus download.

‘The Truth Hurts’ will be re-released as a digipak CD (in original cover plus poster), black / white marbled vinyl gatefold LP (in original cover with printed inner sleeves plus CD in paper sleeve) and download.

Following the release of these two seminal albums, Pro-Pain went on to earn the affection and respect of countless fans worldwide for their subsequent series of inspired, uncompromising, incendiary albums and intense live performances.

The band’s fifteenth studio album, ‘Voice Of Rebellion’, released early summer 2015 on Steamhammer /SPV, was awarded KKKK by Kerrang!’s George Garner in the magazine’s June 20th issue, who stated that “Zack De La Rocha famously declared “Anger is a gift” on Rage Against The Machine’s classic ‘Freedom’. If that’s true, then Pro-Pain must be Father fucking Christmas. Heroically strait-laced in their approach, and never less than totally miffed, ‘Voice Of Rebellion’ is some angry-ass New York hardcore played as it was, is and always will be. These are songs that are tantamount to bar-room brawls. In fact, Pro-Pain are so hard here they have a load of Police sirens playing in the background of ‘No Fly Zone. Which we can all agree is well, well hard. Predictable? Maybe. But never once over 14 tracks do Pro-Pain sound like a band phoning it in. Fifteen albums in, that’s no mean feat.”
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5th May 2016

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“Unbelievably, ‘The Final Revolution’ is Pro-Pain’s fourteenth studio album since their bulldozing debut in 1992. The New York hardcore crew still bring the pain. Gary Meskil and his wrecking crew show no signs of slowing down. Indeed they are as brutal as ever, thanks to uncompromising anthems like ‘One Shot One Kill’, and ‘Southbound’ is begging for a circle pit to form around it with a dangerously good breakdown. The pro-active cry of ‘Problem Reaction Solution’ is a fierce and breathless beast that burns bright with a passion that only Meskill can portray. The likes of HedPE have found influence in Pro-pain and it’s easy to see why; it’s an infectious dose of power. But P-P are still capable of reminding the bands that came after them that they still have a way to go to catch them. Let’s hope this revolution isn’t the last one. 8/10” (Dan Bond, Powerplay December/January 2014.)

“Too tough and gnarly to be embraced by the rap-metal fraternity and too righteously groovy to click with the NYHC hordes, Pro-Pain have spent two decades reveling in their square peg status while delivering a sustained onslaught of bullish, unashamedly boneheaded savagery…This is a fiery-eyed reassertion of founder Gary Meskil’s unfussy musical values, with a crisp and violent production imbuing every last scything riff and steroid drenched groove with thrilling amounts of aggression and punky snot. Always a master of ugly but infectious hooks, Meskil has excelled himself here; the runaway train rush of ‘Problem Reaction Solution’, the haymaker flurry of ‘One Shot One Kill’ and the pit-inciting snarl of the title track are among the best songs Pro-Pain have made, whilst the rest are a only a chipped tooth away from the same level of greatness. 7/10” (Dom Lawson, Metal Hammer, January 2014).

American hardcore metal legends PRO-PAIN are set to release their blistering, intense new studio album ‘Voice Of Rebellion’, as a 14 track CD, Digipak (with 3 bonus tracks & poster), and red vinyl (with printed inner sleeves) on June 22nd on Steamhammer / SPV. The follow-up to 2013’s hugely acclaimed ‘The Final Revolution’, ‘Voice Of Rebellion’ picks up where its predecessor left off to create an even more incendiary, uncompromising, yet utterly infectious album.

Voice Of Rebellion was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Corey Williams at Sound Lounge Recordings (Venice, Florida), with production credits being shared by Williams and PRO-PAIN mainman Gary Meskil. “This time around, I decided to get back into assisting with certain aspects of production, and we are thrilled with the end result. Corey is a young and talented engineer/producer, and the sonic brutality we collectively achieved speaks for itself (in my opinion)” says Meskil.

The album kicks off with a blistering and infectious title track (which is destined to become a PRO-PAIN classic). Songs like ‘No Fly Zone’ and ‘Age Of Disgust’ take the listener back to the band’s groove laden glory days, while new ground gets forcefully broken with tracks such as ‘Hellride’ and ‘Souls On Fire’. The entire spectrum of the band’s musical influences are proudly displayed and are tastefully explored within the contents of this explosive album.

Lead guitarist Adam Phillips states; “The writing process for ‘Voice Of Rebellion’ was a complete collaborative effort, unlike its predecessor. So, the end result is a multi-dimensional onslaught of heaviness”. Meskil adds; “This is a definitive album for PRO-PAIN, as it speaks very well for us with regard to who we are and what we represent as a band.”

Formed by Gary Meskil (ex-Crumbsuckers) in 1991, New York-based PRO-PAIN won a huge worldwide following after the release of their trailblazing debut album, ‘Foul Taste Of Freedom’, in 1992, which was subsequently nominated for a whole host of heavy metal awards all over the world. While the band’s second album, ‘The Truth Hurts’, was similarly well received, it was their third album, ‘Contents Under Pressure’, which broke through, established the band internationally, and catapulted Pro-Pain on to the headline slot at the massive Dynamo Open Air Festival in Holland. Band mastermind Meskil, an idealist in both musical and political terms, has stood by his uncompromising attitude on successive releases such as ‘Pro-Pain (1998), ‘Act Of God’ (1999), ‘Round 6’ (2000), ‘Fistful Of Hate’ (2004), ‘Absolute Power’ (2010), ‘Straight To The Dome’ (2012) and 2013’s ‘The Final Revolution’.

Following the release of their scorching 15th studio album, ‘Voice Of Rebellion’ PRO-PAIN are set to tour the US extensively, before flying in to the UK to star on the main stage at The Bloodstock Festival in Derbyshire on Sunday 9th August.

Line – Up

Gary Meskil – Vocals / Bass
Adam Phillips - Lead Guitar
Marshall Stephens - Rhythm Guitar
Jonas Sanders - Drums
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8th May 2015

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