"When you hear the opening track on 'Rats & Rumours' you'll swear you are listening to some lost song by Motorhead that they had recorded for 'Bomber' and never released. It's pure Motorhead from the fuzzy Fast Eddie guitar sound to the very Lemmy vocals. This down and dirty rock 'n' roll, wonderful stuff. The band aren't just Motorclones though; they throw in a variety of influences, and vocalist Oimel does a fantastic John Fogerty impression on 'Ramblin Broke'. Elsewhere you get hints of ZZ Top and the Clash, all of which go together to create a great album full of driving riffs. The band are probably best summed up by the song 'Damn Right (They Call It Rock 'n' Roll)'; this is their anthem and you can probably guess what it sounds like without hearing it, but believe me you need to hear it anyway. Nitrogods have produced a great album full of fast, fun, heavy rock 'n' roll, and if you enjoy Lemmy and co, then you should definitely check this out. 8/10" (Martin Howell, Powerplay Magazine Dec./Jan. 2014)

Explosive German hard rocking Motör-maniacal trio Nitrogods have confirmed the release their scorching third album 'Roadkill BBQ' as a digipack CD, vinyl LP (+CD), boxset (+ 4-track 'Tribute To Lemmy' CD & much more) as well as download and stream, on Steamhammer / SPV on May 26th.

'Roadkill BBQ' which effortlessly lives up to the 'classic third album' syndrome, takes a wild ride through the history of hard rock music. "Basically, 'Roadkill BBQ' is an homage to our heroes, quite a few of which have departed this world recently," explains guitarist Henny Wolter, listing as points of reference Motörhead's late Lemmy and Rick Parfitt of Status Quo, as well as bands such as The Who, Stray Cats, AC/DC, The Clash and ZZ Top.

As Nitrogods are more or less permanently on tour, 'Roadkill BBQ' was written and honed down live on stage. Guitarist Henry Wolter states that "Naturally, the rules of a dynamic rock concert have also affected our songwriting. You learn which kind of song makes you feel most comfortable on stage and what you should perhaps avoid so things don't get tight for the vocalist."

The album's title track is dedicated to Rick Parfitt, because "The song sounds like Lemmy singing a Status Quo number" notes Wolter. 'My Love's A Wirebrush' dripping with swanky slide guitar riffs, has a blues rock feel reminiscent of Rose Tattoo, while 'Where Have The Years Gone' pays unashamed homage to The Who; "Oimel and Klaus saw the band during their final tour and were absolutely awed - that's why we simply had to record this number." The same applies to 'The Price Of Liberty' which the trio intentionally wrote in the tradition of great Ted Nugent classics, even shifting down to halftime tempo. 'Boogeyman' with its heavy Zakk Wylde-style riff, will be the first video track to be released from the album.

'Roadkill BBQ' was produced at the Peppermint Park Studios in Hanover, again with the support of sound engineer Helge Engelke (Fair Warning) and mixed by metal pundit Achim Köhler (Amon Amarth, Primal Fear, Brainstorm). "The Peppermint Park Studio was ideal for us because it has an amazing post-war collection of expensive Neumann and Telefunken microphones. Every one of them is probably worth more than my car and a brilliant sound is guaranteed every time" Wolter explains. Vintage equipment has been an integral part of the Nitrogods concept since the band was founded in 2011, the musicians wanting recordings of their handcrafted rock 'n' roll to sound as authentic and natural as possible.

'Roadkill BBQ', packed with 14 rough-edged hard rock anthems, will be available as a digipack CD, and as a Gatefold (with printed inner sleeve) 180 gram (transparent red with black streaks) Vinyl LP, packaged with the CD version of the album in a cardboard sleeve. It will also be available as a very special 3-D embossed metal boxset, containing not only the regular Digipack CD, but also a bonus 'Tribute To Lemmy' CD, (boasting cover versions of 'Overkill', 'Bomber', Ace Of Spades and 'Iron Fist'), plus a stainless steel hip flask sporting a lasered Nitrogods logo, and sticker.
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24th March 2017

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“This trio are seasoned veterans. Guitarist Henry Wolter founded Thunderhead and played with Primal Fear and Sinner, singer Oimel Larcher used to be in Fast Eddie Clarke’s Bastards and drummer Klaus Sperling was also in Primal Fear. Throughout the album their years of experience can be heard. Nitrogods sound like they have been playing together for years. You can almost hear crowds singing in unison when you hear truly brilliant lyrics like “go get some whiskey put a bottle on my grave so you can tell, at least I’m drunk in hell”. Riffs, husky gritty vocals, harmonica solos, this album has it all. 8/10.”
(Katie Norwood, reviewing Nitrogods’ debut album in Vive Le Rock, March 2012.

“‘Nitrogods’ offers enjoyable, blues based, deliciously cranked-up riffs, breakneck rhythms and filthy, bourbon drenched vocals. If it’s a formula that’s been plundered many times before then fuck it because Nitrogods still tick all the right boxes, reeling back the years to Motorhead’s seminal three man line-up. 8/10”
(Dave Ling, reviewing Nitrogods’ debut album in Metal Hammer, April 2013.)

Acclaimed German psychobilly-meets-metal-with-a-heavy-dose-of-the-blues hard driving trio Nitrogods are set to release their visceral, hard driving second studio album, ‘Rats And Rumours’ on Steamhammer / SPV on October 20th. The follow up to the band’s acclaimed gritty, fast and furious self-titled dynamite debut, ‘Rats And Rumours’ picks up stylistically where ‘Nitrogods’ left off, but is a far more diverse and an audibly much more multi-layered offering. Songs such as ‘Automobile’ delve deeper into the subset of metal and rockabilly, while ‘Ramblin’ Broke’, which the band describe as a ‘blues escapee’ could easily be mistaken for a Credence Clearwater Revival composition. Guitarist Henry Wolter explains that “We love everything, from Status Quo through Motörhead, Stray Cats and Clash to AC/DC,” and admits, “and that’s the mix that our new songs consist of. We realise that we’re not going to reinvent the wheel with this kind of music, but at least we’re putting some new tires on it.”

Many of the new songs were honed down on the road; “We started writing new material directly after the release of our debut album two and a half years ago. That’s why we’ve been able to put numbers such as ‘Back Home’, ‘Nitrogods’ and ‘Whiskey Supernova’ through their paces in front of an audience.” ‘Rats And Rumours’ was then recorded in an analogue studio, using old school tape technology, which requires regularly changing reels and cleaning recording heads. Wolter explains; “that’s first and foremost a question of attitude and, of course, fun, because we’re die-hard vintage fans and really enjoyed every single second we spent recording on a venerable 24 track recorder. Of course this kind of production is much more complex and laborious because you can’t just move whole passages around using the copy & paste function, you really have to be able to play the whole song. Every time you mess up, you have to start all over again. And that’s what makes this kind of production such an exciting challenge, and what you get at the end of the day is real rock’n’roll sound.”

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18th September 2014

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Visceral new German psychobilly-meets-metal-with-a-heavy-dose-of-the-blues hard driving trio Nitrogods, are, in their own words, “A No Bullshit Rock ‘N’ Roll Band”. ‘Nitrogods’, the band’s self-titled debut album, set for release on Steamhammer / SPV on February 27th, is nothing other than a fast, furious, loud, aggressive beast of an album, which packs twelve mighty punches of glorious, unrestrained, full-blown dirty, rough edged diamonds of rock anthems.

Nitrogods came together when three renowned musicians, each with 20 year-plus illustrious histories, got together, determined to go back to their musical roots and start a new band focussed on “simple blues based, hard and dirty Rock ‘N’ Roll.”

Guitarist Henny Wolter, who founded Thunderhead in 1988, played with Primal Fear and Sinner, plus was part of the Rock Meets Classic Tour band, had already become best mates with (current Freedom Call) drummer Klaus Sperling when they worked together in Primal Fear in the early Noughties. They teamed up with (ex-Fast Eddie Clarke’s Bastards) singer Oimel Larcher, a long term buddy and a bear of a musician, whose voice unmistakeably reflects countless pints of beer and whiskey, and whose thunderous bass playing exudes sheer, naked power. “I wanted to return to playing the music that I love”, says Henny, “and that only works if you play it with your best friends.”

Eschewing endless studio takes, sound samples, artificial drum overdubs and computer controlled corrections of suboptimal lead vocals, the trio’s initial recordings so impressed Nazareth’s Dan McCafferty and ex-Motorhead guitarist Fast Eddie Clarke that they both agreed to guest on two tracks on the album. Dan McCafferty contributes his distinctive vocals on ‘Whiskey Wonderland’, while Eddie Clarke’s WahWah solo on ‘Wasted In Berlin’ is pure classic rock’n’roll perfection.

“Dan was my favourite colleague on the Rock Meets Classic tour,” Wolter explains. “At some hotel bar, in a very boozed state, I got him to promise that he’d sing on my new band’s debut album. Dan said: “For you, I’ll even sing for free if I like the material. If I don’t, I won’t sing at all.” Eddie Clarke comments “I have to say the tracks they sent me sounded great. The band has great spirit and they all play extremely well together, so I was happy to say ‘yes’ when asked to do a solo on their new album on the track ‘Wasted In Berlin’”. Among the many other highlights on this honest, riff and groove laden masterpiece of gritty, dynamic, pure rock’n’roll album, mention must be made of glorious, earthy, head-bangers such as ‘At Least I’m Drunk’, ‘Licence To Play Loud’ and ‘The Devil Dealt The Deck’.

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17th January 2012

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