Angel-Voiced Swedish singer / songwriter Martina Edoff has lined up the release of her incredibly accomplished second album, ‘Unity’, on the brand new Into Records label , distributed by Cargo, for October 16th on digipak CD & Download.

Having launched her singing career recording and / or touring with multi-million selling pop acts such as Ace Of Base, Dr. Alban and E-Type, Martina Edoff has now returned to her original musical love – classic hard rock. “Now it’s all about the kind of music I really love the most myself” Martina confirms, continuing “I want my music to be both powerful and melodic, so right now I’m having the time of my life!” Looking back on those pop years Martina states that “It was fun. We toured the world and did a lot of TV shows. I learned a lot and it gave me some valuable experience. I don’t regret it, but my heart wasn’t there.”

Martina released her self-titled debut album to huge acclaim last year. Classic Rock praised her “Deft and wonderful power balladry’, while Fireworks magazine stated that “This is a debut full of hooks bigger than the Titanic anchor and one that’s more infectious than the common cold”.

After one listen to ‘Unity’, new rock record label Into Records jumped at the chance to sign Martina to a worldwide deal, and have already lined up a coast-to-coast US tour for her with Epica from September 18th – October 3rd. Martina, who can’t wait to play live in the UK too, states that “For me, nothing beats to be on stage and really feel that I’m communicating with an audience through the songs. That’s an incredible kick!”

‘Unity’ was recorded at the legendary Bohus Sound Studios in Sweden, whose long list of clients since the start 35 years ago includes both ABBA and Status Quo (who recorded their hit album and best-selling single “Rockin’ All Over The World” in the same studio). Martina’s producer and sound engineer, Tobias Lindell, has previously recorded, mixed, and produced bands such as Europe, Mustasch, and Hardcore Superstar at Bohus Sound. After she had written the first lyrics and melodies for the album, Martina worked closely with select co-writers on ‘Unity’, including H.E.A.T. keyboard player Jona Tee, who not only co-produced the album, but also brought all his musician band mates in to participate in the recording sessions.

Martina describes the new songs as “Uptempo rock, but there are also some nice ballads in there. The music is kind of rooted in 80’s heavy metal. It’s got strong melodies and a heavy sound, but the album is a 100 percent modern production with a modern sound, so it’s definitely not retro. The lyrics have sometimes a deeper meaning, but the power in the music is meant to give the listener an energy boost!” The video for the first single ‘World Has Gone Mad’, which can be checked out at is a perfect introduction to the new Nordic Queen of Rock, and cannot but give the viewer an incredible energy boost!

Martina Edoff is to be touring with Epica this fall throughout USA & Canada, plus a one off show with Tarja in Argentina, to accompany the release of ‘Unity’.
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29th September 2015

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