*** Symphonic Metal Act's New Double 'The Chronicles Of Eden Part 2' Album Released January 15th On Steamhammer / SPV***

Edenbridge, Austria's premier Symphonic Melodic Metal act, have announced the release of a very special new compilation album 'The Chronicles Of Eden Part 2', containing the quintessence of the band's fifth to tenth studio albums, on Steamhammer / SPV on January 15th , 2021, as a double Digipak CD, download and stream.

The follow-up to 'The Chronicles Of Eden', the band's first retrospective, released in 2007, 'The Chronicles Of Eden Part 2', the band's second 'Best Of', is being released in conjunction with Edenbridge's 20th Anniversary. Once again it was up to the fans to vote for their favourite tracks from each album. Creative mastermind/multi-instrumentalist Lanvall recalls that "The voting was not a major surprise and is more or less identical to the songs that we would also have chosen. Therefore 4 tracks of each album could be covered along with some older all out of print bonus tracks."

As a surprise, there are 2 newly recorded acoustic versions of the hits 'Higher' (over 4 million views on YouTube) and 'Paramount' featured, as well as the 'Easter Version 2020' of the song 'Dynamind', re-recorded by Sabine. Lanvall: "It was extreme fun to turn 'Higher' into a nearly jazzy piano/vocal version showing a different side of us, formerly unknown. 'Paramount' was one of the absolute fan favorites and so it was obvious to transform that song too and let it shine in a new light."

The 150 minutes of the double album cover the wide range of the symphonic metal sound and the compositional substance and consistency for which Edenbridge have been renowned for 20 years. Atmospherically dense compositions, directed mainly by Lanvall and vocalist Sabine Edelsbacher, dictate the events in which melody and groove, sensitivity and hardness, feeling and intellect, spirit and Subconscious are connected in an original way.

The atmospheric artwork was inspired by a vision singer Sabine had, linking the spiritual awakening to an Aurora Borealis. Sabine: "After an own spiritual experience a couple of years ago and without an explainable reason, I felt a deep connection to the name 'Aurora'. Subsequently I concerned myself with what the name stands for and relating it now to a heart quality, which might lead us to higher consciousness. Especially when there is a lot of negativity in the room, a possibility for transformation exists, through recognition and acceptance, respectively the self-responsibility for own feelings. Edenbridge always followed this path and especially now it is even more important to get into the own truthfulness."

The graphic implementation for the cover was once again created by drummer Johannes Jungreithmeier, who has developed into the band's creative 'visual pole' since joining Edenbridge in 2016. All the tracks were produced by Lanvall and mixed by Threshold mastermind Karl Groom, with whom the band has worked for 15 years now.

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27th November 2020

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***Symphonic Metaller's Sublime Tenth Studio Album 'Dynamind' Released October 25th On Steamhammer / SPV***

Edenbridge, Austria's primary Symphonic Melodic Metal act, have lined up the release of their compelling tenth studio album, 'Dynamind', on Steamhammer / SPV as a DigiPak CD (including bonus CD), double gatefold (blue with black swirls) vinyl LP, (with printed inner sleeves plus CD in a cardboard case), download and stream on October 25th.

Edenbridge, the band formed by composer, multi-instrumentalist / main man Lanvall and striking singer Sabine Edelsbacher, have yet again succeeded in raising the bar even higher on 'Dynamind' than on predecessor 'The Great Momentum', which was released February 2016 to great acclaim. Powerplay Magazine's Bruce Turnbull awarded 'The Great Momentum' 9/10 in February 2017's issue, stating that "Those who heard 'The Bonding' a couple of years back will know what to expect here, as the experiments on that record are pushed further on this one. It's grand, epic, symphonic and extremely visual; it's impossible not to be transported to another world with 'The Great Momentum'. Multi-instrumentalist Lanvall really pushes the boat out, bringing together some of the most opulent music of his career. Special mention must go to vocalist Sabine, whose graceful and measured performance here rivals all others in the female-fronted metal field...So, more progressive, evocative and stylish than 'The Bonding', this is Edenbridge doing what they do best."

In explanation of the concept of 'Dynamind', Sabine notes that "there's an interesting quote which summarises the deeper meaning of the album title. It says: 'The muscle of consciousness develops through the stress ratio of opposites.'" This thesis completely describes Edenbridge's holistic approach on 'Dynamind'. The best example of this is 'Last Of His Kind', with its twelve-minute-plus playing time, which additionally has an overriding meaning to Lanvall; "From my point of view, this is part three of the title tracks on 'The Grand Design' and 'Myearthdream', which broach the issue of our irresponsible treatment of our planet', he explains, and proudly points out a number of guitar parts which were inspired by David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), giving the song a magnificent flair.

The Irish-inspired theme of 'On The Other Side' (as in 'The Grass Is Always Greener') had been at the back of Linvall's mind for some 15 years. "I had the idea as far back as 'Aphelion', but at that time there were still some important parts missing. This time the verse and chorus suddenly came to me from nowhere when I returned from a walk. Suddenly, in one moment, it was all there, making 'The Other Side' the song in Edenbridge's history that took the least time to compose."

Like its predecessors, 'The Grand Design' (2006), 'Myearthdream' (2008), 'Solitaire' (2010), 'The Bonding' (2013) and 'The Great Momentum' (2017), 'Dynamind' was once again mixed by Karl Groom (Threshold); "Karl and I complement each other perfectly", comments Lanvall, who spent two weeks with Groom at Thin Ice Studios in Surrey, England, applying the final touches to the album; "While I always have a very clear idea of the sound of a new Edenbridge album, he has the necessary expertise as a sound engineer."

'Dynamind', which was mastered by Mika Jussila (Stratovarious, Children of Bodom, Lordi) at the renowned Finnvox Studios in Helsinki, is an outstanding masterpiece which is now all set to be acclaimed 'album of the year' by all fans of powerful, atmospheric, symphonic, melodic metal.

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27th August 2019

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***Symphonic Metal Act's Superlative New Studio Album 'The Great Momentum' Released February 17th On Steamhammer / SPV***

Edenbridge, Austria's premier Symphonic Melodic Metal act, have announced the release of their stupendous ninth studio album, 'The Great Momentum', on February 17th on Steamhammer / SPV, as a DigiPak CD, double gatefold 180 gram golden vinyl album (with printed inner sleeves plus CD in a cardboard sleeve), box-set, download and stream.

Edenbridge, the band formed by composer, multi-instrumentalist / main man Lanvall and soaring, expressive singer Sabine Edelsbacher, have once again succeeded in raising the bar ever higher on 'The Great Momentum', a powerful, diverse, hauntingly atmospheric symphonic melodic metal masterstroke.

'The Great Momentum', containing nine awesome anthems, is the band's toughest release to date; Lanvall explains that "It's mainly the balanced equilibrium of heavier guitar sounds and focused orchestra parts that account for the songs' great dynamism. The orchestra is used selectively and even more consistently, which creates room for all the other instruments. Sabine's lead vocals and the big choirs play a bigger role than on any previous Edenbridge album. In addition, there's the incredibly powerful and at the same time organic drum sound courtesy of our fantastic new drummer Johannes Jungreithmeier, who recorded all the drum parts for the album in no more than nine hours."

While each track is a highlight, mention must be made of album opener 'Shiantara' with its metal guitars and bombastic chorus, which was inspired by sci-fi series 'Star Trek'. No less impressive are the first single 'The Moment Is Now', the extraordinarily orchestrated 'A Turnaround In Art', or twelve-minute album closer, 'The Greatest Gift Of All' which features every one of the band's fortes; bombastic arrangements, sheer power, speed, but also great sensitivity and empathy.

Like its predecessors, 'The Grand Design' (2006), 'Myearthdream' (2008), 'Solitaire' (2010) and 'The Bonding' (2013), 'The Great Momentum' was mixed by Karl Groom (Threshold) at his Thin Ice Studio in Surrey, England, and the mastering taken care of by Mika Jussila (Stratovarius, among others) at the renowned Finnvox Studios. Among the guests featuring on the album are vocalist Erik Martensson (Eclipse, W.E.T, Nordic Union) and the Junge Philharmonie Freistadt orchestra.

The album cover artwork is a joint production by the American artist Anthony Clarkson (Geoff Tate, Fear Factory, among others) and Edenbridge drummer Johannes Jungreithmeier. "This atmospheric blend of elegance and energy is the ultimate symbol of the music on 'The Great Momentum'" rejoice Edenbridge, who are set to embark on their second tour of Vietnam in March 2017. Along with two concerts in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (the former Saigon), an 80-minute show will be recorded for Vietnamese TV as the tour's climax. There's simply no stopping Edenbridge's great momentum into the symphonic metal stratosphere!

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15th December 2016

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