"If you're a fan of sassy, swaggering hard rock with a simmering blues undercurrent (think Whitesnake meets Jagged Edge meets Lion) then 'Global Warning' is most definitely the beast for you. Ultimately, it's the quality of the songs which distinguishes any release, and to be honest, 'Global Warning' is just full ofgreat, hook laden songs! Unlike much of the stuff from the 80's which tends to sound rather dated, hard rock rooted in that earlier decade has a timeless quality, a quality which makes the likes of 'Dangerous Times', 'Pray For The Rain', 'Made That Way', 'Down In Flames' and 'Weight Of Expectation' sound fresh and youthful. Mean, moody and magnificent. 9/10" Dave Cockett, Powerplay Magazine, June 2007.

Classic British Hard Rockers Burn have regrouped, ten years after the release of their critically acclaimed and commercially well received third album 'Global Warning', to record the resounding, melody drenched follow-up, 'Ice Age', lined up for release on Melodic Rock Records on April 6th. Crammed with 13 catchy, hook-laden hard grooving gems of powerful modern hard rock songs, 'Ice Age', is an even more accomplished opus than its highly acclaimed predecessor. A radio edit of 'Irontown', the first single to be taken from the album, is set to whet the musical appetite when digitally released on February 23rd.

Burn were formed by brothers Barney (keyboards) and Mark (bass) Stackhouse in Loughborough Leicestershire, with mutual friends Jeff Ogden (vocals), Rab Devenny (guitar) and Karl Bee (drums). Their debut album 'So Far So Bad', released in 1993, was awarded KKKKK by Kerrang!'s Dave Reynolds, who raved "With their feet firmly entrenched in a veritable field of classic, Bluesy British Rock influences, they've bided their time and managed to merge these with a vibrant sense of melody that kills dinosaurs at 50 paces... The thing that I love most about this album is that there are no fillers."

After tours supporting the likes of Thunder and Steve Gibbons, the band recorded their second album, 'Spark To A Flame', but technical problems galore, opposing ideas of recording techniques and an indifferent mix resulted in a somewhat flawed, although still fairly well-received release in 1995. Momentum stalled as a result. Towards the end of the decade Burn started writing songs for their third album, but were the dealt a hammer blow when drummer Karl was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident in 2001. This devastated the close-knit band and soon after Rab Devenny hung up his guitar for good.

Then in 2005 Barney decided to rebuild Burn, recruiting former Rogue Male guitarist Julian Nicholas, ex-Alien songwriter/guitarist Phil Hammond and erstwhile Kick / Debbie Bonham / Ted Tugent drummer Benji Reid to work with the three remaining members on embryonic ideas for Burn's third album and inject some new direction and renewed enthusiasm. The results became 'Global Warning', another 'no filler' and significantly more muscular offering than their previous 2 releases, with much heavier guitars and epic keyboards, all topped off with singer Jeff Ogden's stunning vocals.

'Global Warning', released in May 2007, won thousands of old fans back, let alone many new ones all over the world, most notably in Japan, where advance orders of over 2,500 ensued a glowing review in one of the most influential Japanese rock magazines, ironically titled Burrn! The six-piece took to the road in 2007 and 2008, culminating in a triumphant appearance at Firefest V in Nottingham, but the band members drifted apart soon after and Burn effectively ceased to be at the end of 2008.

2012 saw Barney decide to light Burn's flame once more, after he was inspired by demos of songs Phil had been writing, to work together again to construct the fourth Burn album. Jeff had earlier effectively ruled himself out of the band so in 2014, after the guys had created sufficient songs, they set out in search of a new vocalist.

Finding someone of a suitable, high enough caliber proved difficult until a conversation with Eden's Curse main man Paul Logue led to Phil contacting Steve Newman, who has released a catalogue of 11 highly regarded solo albums. After hearing all the songs, Steve was excited to get involved in a band for the first time in many years, and his vocal performances left Phil and Barney in no doubt that they had found their ideal frontman.

On Steve's recommendation Phil approached Chris Green (Tyketto, Pride, Furyon, Rubicon Cross) to fill the lead guitar berth. To say that Phil and Barney's jaws hit the floor when they heard the first solo Chris presented to them would be an understatement; once again, a perfect fit. Chris subsequently recorded a glorious string of superlative solos for the album, all major highlights on every classy, melodic heavy rock anthem on 'Ice Age'.

To ensure that the finished tracks reached their full sonic potential, Grammy Award Winning Swedish Engineer Tobias Lindell (H.E.A.T., Europe, etc) was brought in to work with the band to complete the final, utterly exhilarating mix.

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