Will Fiore – Vocals, Guitars
Brett Anderson – Bass, Vocals
Dan Scanlon - Drums

Atlanta, Georgia’s experimental psych metal masters Zoroaster have signed to Steamhammer / SPV to release their monstrous new studio album, ‘Matador’, on April 18th, and have confirmed two UK headline shows as part of their European tour to coincide. Dates are:-

April 17th – Leeds The Well
April 18th – London Underworld

‘Matador’, Zoroaster’s fourth studio album, which is bursting at the seams with massive slabs of powerful, riff based, extremely heavy psychedelic metal songs, is by far the band’s most accomplished release to date. From the cosmic march of album opener ‘D.N.R.’ through to the leviathan - like closing title track, it is immediately evident that Zoroaster are pushing modern heavy music into new and uncharted realms.

Zoroaster’s ambitious new sound was born out of a hunger to distance themselves from the doom label they had been tagged with since inception in 2003. Dan Scanlon explains “We could keep on doing the same shit, but we would drive ourselves absolutely crazy. ‘Matador’ is a big departure for us and offers something different. It’ll certainly stop people labelling us a doom band; I think this record will mark the beginning of us receiving a bit more recognition as a metal band who are willing to take chances.”

Dan attributes the strength of ‘Matador’ to the fact that they had some extended time off to refine their sonic manifesto. “This was the first time that we had more than two weeks off to make an album. Before we used to have a few days to lay down some half-assed ideas and then head out on tour again, but this time we had four months off and it paid off. There were so many influences that went into it. We borrowed a little from every band we toured with and made a sound completely our own.”

A video clip for ‘Odyssey’, track three on the album, has been filmed by director Chad Rullman, known previously for directing Mastodon’s career launching videos ‘March Of The Fire Ants’ and ‘Iron Tusk’ as well as his work for such artists as Neurosis, Nile and Soilent Green. “Zoroaster is my favourite Atlanta metal band and I’ve been dying to work them. Their shows are monstrous, and with this video I really wanted to capture the essence of the Zoroaster live experience” comments the director. Watch it here:-

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23rd March 2011.

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