** Psychobilly’s new she-devil teams up with The Klingonz’ Phil Doyle and Specials’ Terry Edwards on debut EP ’London Crawlin’, out October 29th via Diablo Records **

Purring “the devil is a woman, and she wants to let you in…”, on ‘Hell Kitty’, Missy LePink offers an invitation into the colourful underworld of Viva Le Pink just too tempting to refuse.

For the past few months that world has been the subterranean Camden Arch Recording Studio, where Missy and her band holed up to hone their rock ’n’ roll voodoo brew. Bringing their double bass ‘n’ brass infused sounds to the boil hidden under the capital’s shakin’ and rattlin’ railway arches, the group may not be a devil that devotees of rockabilly and psychobilly know yet - but you better believe that won’t be the case for long!

Though only now creeping above ground to show their hand on October 29th’s aptly titled ‘London Crawlin’ EP, these newcomers already hold a few cards set to get greasers everywhere sitting up and paying attention. In her own right an arresting front woman, handling her Gretsch White Falcon with a poise that draws parallels with Poison Ivy and, and possessing a stage presence splurged from the pen that drew Jessica Rabbit, Missy is at her ease amongst the scene‘s best respected players - of whom ‘London Crawlin’ boasts a couple. Producing and putting down the throbbing double bass rhythms that underpin Missy’s guitar parts is Phil ‘Doyley’ Doyle (Klingonz / Nigel Lewis & The Zorchmen / The Guitar Slingers) whilst Terry Edwards (The Specials / Tom Waits / Gallon Drunk) provides the honking ‘n’ howling horns which add another rich layer to Viva La Pink’s signature sound.

Despite tapping into a tradition literally as old as rock ‘n‘ roll itself, Viva La Pink do undoubtedly colour the classics with a signature of their own. A prime example of the twist in their take on rock‘s roots, ‘Pink Elephants’ sees psychobilly run into psychedelia, as Missy testifies to witnessing a pink pachyderm parade pass one night when the bottle got the better of her. If she’s seeing things, then so are the crowd who caught Viva le Pink’s live debut at Plymouth fetish night Club Libertine this August, and were confronted by Missy arriving onstage on the life-size, fuchsia fibreglass baby elephant the band boasts as a mascot!

As a statement-making entrance onto the live circuit, the appearance at Club Libertine set a uniquely Le Pink tone of surrealism for shows to come, while also acknowledging some of psychobilly’s great reigning showmen. The cheeky choice of venue for Viva le Pink’s premiere performance may well raise a dirty grin amongst folks who fondly remember the moment Demented Are Go began lashing ‘billy beats to bondage aesthetics, and in loony stage names alone the motley crew making up the live band invoke a King Kurt-esque sense of fun and slapstick flavour. The men they call ‘The Lavender Cowboy’ (guitar), ‘Taan’ (drums) and Joe ‘Seaman Stains’ Grogan (double bass - and undoubtedly familiar to some from his double life as one third of The Graveyard Johnnys), are due to make their London debut in late October, playing a release party for the EP - details of which are to be announced soon!

In the meantime, Viva le Pink’s multi-talented frontwoman will be launching another new venture on its maiden voyage at 2012‘s London Tattoo Convention. Her hand-crafted tattoo aftercare treatment ‘Missy LePink’s Tattoo Tonic’ goes on sale first when the annual celebration of skin-art arrives at Wapping’s Tobacco Docks between September 28th & 30th.

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24th August 2012

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