US Bay Area power metal giants Vicious Rumors have signed to SPV / Steamhammer Records to release their tenth studio album, ‘Razorback Killers’ on March 28th.
‘Razorback Killers’ contains ten breathtaking, dynamic, hard driving, throttle-to-the-max powerhouse new songs which transport the traditional Vicious Rumours sound perfectly into the present. Vicious Rumors’ guitarist, main songwriter, and mastermind Geoff Thorpe states that “The older we get, the more wicked Vicious Rumours sound. We’ve definitely not slowed down – quite the opposite – have even more drive. The metal is in our blood! Plus” he adds, “We have an awesome line-up. Larry Howe is the thunder hammer on drums, Kiyoshi Morgan is shredding on guitars, Stephen Goodwin pounding on bass, and in Brian Allen, who has a wicked high range and power, we’ve found the best vocalist you could possibly get for these kind of songs.”

Brian Allen joined the Vicious Rumors fold one and a half years ago at the recommendation of Matt McCourt (Wild Dogs), a long time friend who Thorpe met up with at the Headbangers Open Air. “Matt had praised Brian, and I thought that he’d be perfect for Vicious Rumors.” From the beginning, Allen showed his great potential during intense rehearsals; “We immediately noticed this raw, pure quality in him. Like a snowball, something very big developed very quickly out of small beginnings. During our five-week European tour, Brian got nothing but positive reactions from our fans.”

‘Razorback Killers’ also features guest guitarists Mark McGee, Eric Peterson and Brad Gillis. McGee, who was a band member between 1986 and 1995, contributes blistering solos on ‘Blood Stained Sunday’ and ‘Pearl Of Wisdom’; “Mark and I trading solos just like the old days” enthuses Thorpe. Testament guitarist Eric Peterson’s impassioned solo on ‘Murderball’ “Is a perfect combination of the whole energy of Vicious Rumours and Testament, merged into one song” (Thorpe). Nightranger guitarist Brad Gillis, who had already delivered a number of great solos on Vicious Rumors last (2006) studio album, ‘Warball’, this time round contributed a matchless – as Thorpe puts it – “classic tremolo guitar solo” on ‘Deal With The Devil’. “I remember well when he replaced the late Randy Rhoads in Ozzy Osbourne’ s band. Brad has my utmost respect as a friend and colleague”.

Vicious Rumors emerged at the birth of the San Francisco Bay Area metal scene in 1979 and played the first ever ‘Metal Monday’ show at Bill Graham’s The Old Waldorf Club with Metallica, Motley Crue, Laaz Rockit and Exodus in 1980. After the release of several singles and tracks on seminal compilations such as ‘US Metal III’ and ‘US Metal IV’, their debut album ‘Soldiers Of The Night’ was unleashed in 1986 to huge acclaim. Tours of America with the likes of Rainbow, Thin Lizzy and Blue Oyster Cult, complemented by extensive US headline outings in their own right have firmly established Vicious Rumors stateside, while in Europe their legendary appearances at festivals such as Dynamo in Holland in 1990 & 1994, Wacken in 2002 and Bang Your Head in 2007 have won over legions of fans in Europe. For a full band biography and discography go to

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1st February 2011.

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