“Germany’s The Very End are truly masters of the thick riff, and on ‘Mercy & Misery’ they deliver them relentlessly. With plenty of melody scything through the bombast it’s a catchy racket, and their driving rhythms ensure that even the most unwilling bob their heads. Based on the likes of ‘The Leper’ and ‘Vultures’ it’s clear they’ve spent a lot of time immersed in At The Gates’ ‘Slaughter Of The Soul’ – the very blueprint for modern metal – while ‘Dead Is The New Alive’ and ‘For All Things Undone’ are birthed of the same sludgy swamp as Crobar, and these two styles blend together nicely…It’s a fine collection indeed.” (Dan Slessor, Kerrang! January 15th 2011).

German thrash metal monsters The Very End’s crucial, utterly compelling ‘Turn Off The World’ third album, set for release on Steamhammer / SPV on November 26th, is an even more accomplished slab of razor sharp modern melodic thrash metal than it’s hugely acclaimed predecessor ‘Misery & Mercy’. ‘Turn Off The World’, produced once again by legendary knob twiddler Waldemar Sorychta (Sodom, Sentenced, Moonspell, Tiamat etc) bristles with an electric dynamism, huge thundering guitar riffs presiding over ferocious hard hitting grooves, glorious melodies and simply stunning vocals.

‘Turn Off The World’, which decries modern humankind’s state of permanent stimulus satiation and addiction to extreme experiences, exudes uncompromising attitude in every single note. Thrash numbers such as ‘Iron Sky’ stand side by side with epic wrecking-ball tracks such as ‘To Feed On Hope’ and the melancholy ‘Maelstrom Calling’. While ‘Turn Off The World’ rages against injustice and a decline in traditional values, it doesn’t demand that the lights should be switched off and the world eliminated, as the title suggests; “but we shouldn’t accept everything without question” states vocalist Björn Gooßes.

Entombed’s LG Petrov contributed guest vocals on the death metal- oriented ‘The Black Fix’; “Naturally, being fans of old-school death metal, LG is one of our old-time heroes, whom we are proud to present on our new album” enthuses Gooßes.

The Very End hail from the heavy industrial Ruhr-Area, a region with a traditionally large working class population, and, like their geographical and stylistic neighbours Kreator and Sodom, are forged from real steel. Formed in 2005, The band were soon snapped up by Dockyard 1 Records, who released their debut album, ‘VS. Life’ to huge acclaim in Germany in 2008. Fellow musicians were impressed; “The best metal to come out of Germany in a long time” exclaimed Nick Barker (Lock Up, ex-Cradle Of Filth, ex-Dimmu Borgir etc). Sodom’s Tom Angelripper stated that “Modern Thrash/Speed Metal can't be more diversified - No Way! But there's also a certain twist in this music, with multi-faceted arrangements and a clean 80s riffing which keep on edging into the listener's brain.”

As a result, The Very End inked a deal with Steamhammer / SPV, one of Germany’s most prestigious metal labels, who put the group together with producer Waldemar Sorychta and his engineer Dennis Koehne to record ‘Mercy And Misery’ in the Autumn of 2010.

This consummate production team were re-enlisted to record ‘Turn Off The World’; “We learned an awful lot from Waldemar and Dennis on ‘Mercy & Misery’. This time around, it was more like a fruitful exchange of opinions which has led to an awesome result” notes Gooßes.

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31st October 2012.

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