***New German Melodic Punk Rock Band’s Catchy, Compulsive Debut ‘Strange Ways Of Going Home’ Album Released January 16th On SPV / Steamhammer***

Boris Pillmann - Vocals
Guido Dobrautz - Guitar
Bernd Siedler Guitar
Bill Peckham - Bass
Hakan Cetin - Drums

Rapidly rising new German melodic punk rock band Sep7ember have signed to SPV’s Steamhammer label to release their moody, emotive debut album, ‘Strange Ways Of Going Home’ on January 16th 2011.

Sep7ember formed in 2007 in Frankfurt, determined to become “the answer to all those who have lost faith in noisy, barefaced Rock’n’Roll.” After months of constantly honing down their sound in the rehearsal studio, Sep7ember began their assault on Frankfurt’s underground scene, soon gaining a well deserved reputation for their manic and intoxicating live performances.

As their reputation spread further afield, Sep7ember steadily built a live following all around Germany, constantly testing (and sweating) out new songs live. They self-released their debut EP ‘ Any Place In Space’ at the end of 2008 and continued gigging while writing new songs, building an awesome armoury of organic compositions during 2009.

In 2010 Sep7ember met a new manager who declared that he didn’t want to sleep until he got the band a record deal. He then secured Sep7ember select support slots on ever increasingly important nationwide tours, before bringing the band to the attention of the SPV team, who signed Sep7ember to a worldwide deal in June 2011.

In the summer of 2011 Sep7ember immersed themselves in recording the twelve atmospheric, emotion drenched, catchy gems of songs on ‘Strange Ways Of Going Home’.

The video for the radio emphasis track, ‘I Hate NY’, can be viewed at:-

Peculiar route – Roland Hyams on 020 8677 8466

November 23rd 2011.