Chris Bradley – Vocals / Bass Guitar
Andy Dawson – Guitar
Kristian Bradley – Guitar
Mark Nelson - Drums

Hard driving classic British hard rockers Savage, who were formed in 1979, just as the New Wave of British Heavy Metal was breaking, have regrouped after a ten year hiatus to record their brutal, infectious sixth studio album, ‘Sons Of Malice’, set for release on April 23rd on Minus2Zebra Records, distributed by Plastic Head. ‘Sons Of Malice’, the title track itself, is an angry, resounding chorus and massive riff-led rant against the bankers whose self-absorbed greed and callousness dragged us down into recession, but have so far escaped with impunity, let alone huge unjustifiable bonuses. A powerful video for the song has already been shot and can be viewed here:-

Album opener ‘The Rage Within’ rips out of the speakers with a venomous, pounding, beat, complemented by thunderous, all guns blazing, melodious dual lead guitar riffs, all topped off with the soaring, chanting chorus of ‘Let It Go!’ From there on in you’re in for a heavy metal treat, as the groove-laden ‘Black N Blue’ pins back your ears and the likes of ‘Monkey On My Back’, ‘Master Of War’, ‘Blow’ and ‘Choose Revolution’ drench you in heaviosity. Guitarist Andy Dawson confidently states that “‘Sons Of Malice’ is by far the best sounding album we have ever done”. And he’s not wrong.

Inspired by the likes of Thin Lizzy, UFO, Deep Purple and Van Halen, Savage founder members Chris Bradley and Andy Dawson were just 15 and 18 when they first set light to the local East Midlands rock scene. Their aggressive guitar sound and relentless riffing was first captured on Suspect Records’ seminal, 1981 compilation, ‘Scene Of The Crime’, for which Savage recorded two barnstormers – the proto-Thrash ‘Let It Loose’ and ‘Dirty Money’. In a lucky twist of fate the album ended up in the hands of METALLICA'S drummer Lars Ulrich, who bought the album whilst in London. He couldn't wait to get back to the US to share the tracks with his fellow band mates and before long Metallica were playing Savage tracks themselves and recorded a demo of 'Let It Loose', which set them on the road to creating their brand of thrash metal and secured Metallica their first deal.

Savage were promptly snapped up by Ebony Records, who put them into the studio to record their classic debut album ‘Loose And Lethal’, which soon became the best selling metal import album in America when released in 1983. Described as “Probably one of the finest British Metal albums ever released” by Garry Sharpe-Young in his 2002 ‘Rock Detector A-Z of Thrash Metal’ book, ‘Loose And Lethal’ received rave reviews and Savage were invited to play various European festivals in 1984, alongside Metallica and Venom. Savage and Metallica bonded and met up back in London to do some serious beer drinking for a Kerrang! article on ‘real ale’. In 1985 the band’s second album, ‘Hyperactive’, was awarded KKKKK in heavy metal bible Kerrang! and Savage set off on a headline tour of the UK, culminating in a sold-out home town theatre show. But lack of support from their record label, let alone a lack of effective management, caused much frustration and infighting within the band, and they folded in 1986. Persuaded by Neat Records to reform, Savage recorded ‘their third album, ‘Holy Wars’, in 1995, which sold well in the UK, Europe and Japan and the band played a cracking set at Germany’s Heavy Oder Was festival. Riding their return to form, Savage released their 4th album, ‘Babylon’ in 1996, to great reviews, and then, after the release of their ‘Xtreme Machine’ album in 2000, Savage set off on tour in the US for the first time, before returning to Europe to play a killer show at Germany’s famed Wacken Festival to fans old and new. Savage then disbanded to go their own separate ways once again, until a decade later, Bradley and Dawson got back together, re-energized and furiously fired up, to write ‘Sons Of Malice’, recorded with new wunder-kid on the block guitarist Kristian Bradley (son of Chris and nephew of Andy) and old buddy Mark Nelson on drums.

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March 21st 2011.