Saint Jude are the real deal – a breath of fresh air in a world taken in by the X-Factor and Pop Idol. If a dose of ‘reality’ is what you need Saint Jude are a living, breathing, truly organic rock band. Fully road-tested on the live circuit and guaranteed to thrill with their distinctive, gloriously original tracks on debut album ‘Diary Of A Soul Fiend’, (released Nov 22nd through Cargo Distribution), 

Saint Jude combine the most thrilling elements of classic 70’s rock bands such as The Faces and The Stones and rework these influences to create stunning songs, all topped off with sassy rock’n’soul diva Lynne Jackaman’s jaw-dropping vocals.

When Saint Jude’s ‘Guitar-Hero’ in waiting Adam Greene met Lynne at a friend’s studio near Baker Street in 2007 and heard her voice, “It was music at first sight” says Greene, continuing; “We knew we wanted to form a band together and that afternoon we wrote ‘Down This Road’, which is on our debut album.”

Saint Jude honed their infectious songs playing live, while steadily building a passionate following around London and the South East, as well as collecting some famous fans along the way.

Tribune Magazine’s Cary Gee said of Saint Jude’s January show, part of a six month 100 Club residency:  

“Although Jackaman moves like a less awkward Janis Joplin, her voice has more than a touch of Tina Turner during her Phil Spector era prime about it...... 

At times there is an almost ecstatic, otherworldly quality to her performance, when you begin to wonder if she knows exactly where she is. And then to remind her that she’s actually in subterranean London on a wet weekend, a legend enters the building in the form of Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood... Wood listens appreciatively for a few moments before seizing a guitar and taking to the stage. Lesser performers might be forgiven for a bit of a wobble in the presence of such rock royalty, but Saint Jude play on as if sharing the stage with a Rolling Stone is an everyday occurrence...”

This is music as it should be, but all too often is not; 
raw, powerful and compelling, but surprisingly graceful, 
thanks in no small part to Jackaman. 
Saint Jude are embryonic superstars. 
If you like your rock ‘n’ roll down and dirty catch them while you can.”

After Jimmy Page saw Saint Jude at the Royal Albert Hall he invited Lynne into his box to say how much he enjoyed their set. So much in fact that Page joined the 100 club crowd for the opening gig of Saint Jude’s residency at the legendary venue. Former Rolling Stones producer Chris Kimsey was so impressed that he took Saint Jude under his wing, flying the band to Saint Claire Studios in Lexington, Kentucky, where ‘Diary Of A Soul Fiend’ was produced during Spring, 2010.

‘Diary Of A Soul Fiend’ is an astonishingly accomplished debut album, over-flowing  with heartfelt, instinctive, soulful rock ‘n’ roll that will blow the mind of every genuine music fan. Classy, classic rock n’ roll that grips the listener from the very first hearing and simply refuses to let go.

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November 3rd 2010.

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