Original Anthrax lead guitarist Dan Spitz and Megadeth main man Dave Mustaine have teamed up to form brand new heavy metal super group Red Lamb, in order to harness the power of their music to help raise awareness of Autism on a global scale. Spitz and Mustaine, who between them have sold 50 million odd albums and been nominated for around 15 Grammy awards, co-wrote and co-produced ‘Red Lamb’, the band’s debut album, set for release on MIG Music’s Hansel and Gretel Label, distributed by Proper Records, on December 10th.

To record ‘Red Lamb’, Spitz and Mustaine recruited Grammy winner Chris Venna (Marilyn Manson / Nine Inch Nails) for synths and programming, Patrick Johansson (Yngwie Malmsteen / W.A.S.P.) on drums, and virtuoso vocalist Don Chaffin. All the lyrics on ‘Red Lamb’ were co-written by Dan Spitz and Dave Mustaine, while all the music on the album, which was co-produced by Spitz and Mustaine and mixed by Grammy nominated producer Johnny K, (Disturbed, Machine Head, Staind) was written by Dan Spitz.

Dan Spitz was one of the co-founders of, and lead guitarist in legendary thrash metal act Anthrax from 1983 – 1995, and 2005 – 2007, a band now included in the ‘Big 4’ - Metallica, Anthrax, Megadeth and Slayer. Anthrax single handedly broke down many musical barriers with their Public Enemy ‘Bring The Noise’ joint hit single and sold out arena world tour, and were the first heavy metal act to record their own platinum selling hip / hop song ‘I’m The Man’. While in Anthrax, Dan crossed the globe on more than 50 arena tours spanning 32 countries on 5 continents, and released numerous platinum albums, platinum videos and gold and platinum singles. Spitz has also written platinum songs on movie soundtracks for the likes of Adam Sandler and Arnold Schwarzenegger, played in Broadway musicals and has now returned to music after a long hiatus in Switzerland, where he took a huge amount of time out to train as a master watchmaker of the most complicated mechanical time pieces in the world.

Dan and his wife Candi Spitz’s identical / mirror image twins have autism. Dan states that “It’s time for someone who lives it (times 2) to speak the truth to people in true metal fashion. I come from a time when the lyrics of a song represented truth that can certainly change the world. Now it’s time to let people know we are in epidemic form with autism, as one in every 88th child born (1 in every 54th Boy) will be diagnosed in the spectrum.” Candi devotes all of her free time to, the largest non-profit autism awareness organisation.

Dave Mustaine states that “I rolled up my sleeves and I completely dedicated myself to Danny's record, working tirelessly in my studio on this record with him. And it's that good. It's like a cross between, say, Disturbed, Soundgarden and Rage Against The Machine. There are little bits of some smatterings of Anthrax because of the speed stuff, but it's much more modern and much more heavy sounding.”

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26th October 2012.