***Hard Rockers’ ‘Human Parasite’ Melodic Metal Masterpiece Released 25th October On Steamhammer / SPV***

Andrew “Mac” McDermott – vocals (Ex-Sargant Fury, Ex-Threshold)
Ilker Ersin – bass (Ex-Freedom Call, Ex-MoonDoc)
Nils Neumann – keyboards (Ex-Freedom Call)
Barish Kepic – guitars (Ex-Jaded Heart)
Achim Keller – drums (Victory)

POWERWORLD, the mighty new melodic metal band formed by Ex-Freedom Call/Ex-Moondoc bass player Ilker Ersin, and fronted by Ex- Threshold and Sargent Fury vocalist Andrew McDermott, have signed a worldwide to Steamhammer / SPV Records.

‘Human Parasite’, Powerworld’s hugely potent, 12 track new album, a stunning mix of traditional power metal with solid hard rock, will now be unleashed on October 25th on Steamhammer / SPV, distributed by Plastic Head.

After leaving Freedom Call at the end of 2005, Ilker Ersin decided to form a brand new band and began writing a host of new songs, while casting around for like minded musicians to form a new group with. Hugely accomplished guitarist Barish Kepic, a long-time friend of Ilker’s, who had just left Jaded Heart after 8 years, and fellow ex- Freedom Call keyboard player Nils Neumann were obvious choices and swiftly jumped on board the Powerworld ship. Vocalist Steffan Brunner and ex- At Vance drummer Jürgen Lucas were then recruited to record demos of Ilker’s songs.

Metal Heaven / AOR Heaven Records released the band’s debut, self-titled album, in March 2008, to much acclaim in the German hard rock press and media. But just as work began on the group’s second album, both Steffan Brenner and Jürgen Lucas parted ways with Powerworld.

Drummer Simon Michael of Subway To Sally quickly learnt the new songs and recorded the drum tracks for ‘Human Parasite’, before the band began the search for a new vocalist. Ex – Sargent Fury and Threshold man Andrew “Mac” McDermott was so impressed with what he heard that he flew over from the UK immediately, eager to add his own hard rock vocal flavour to the mix. Barish Kepic then persuaded drummer Achim Kellor of Victory to join the Powerworld line-up as a full band member.

In August 2010, as soon as Steamhammer / SPV staff heard the new tracks, they signed Powerworld to a worldwide record deal. ‘Human Parasite’, the first juicy musical fruit of the new contract, is all set to firmly establish Powerworld as a major new force on the worldwide melodic power metal scene. A full European tour is currently being booked for early 2011.

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3rd September 2010.

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