***Genre-Hopping Metal-Edged Modern Progressive Rock Band’s Stunning Debut Album ‘Let Go Or Be Dragged’ Released January 27th 2014 On Animal Farm***

Ozzie Rodgers - Lead Vocals & Guitars
Orren Karp - Backing Vocals & Guitars
James ‘Hutch’ Hutchison - Backing Vocals & Bass
Tamir Karp - Drums

The Manic Shine are an incredibly talented new genre-hopping metal tinged modern progressive alt/hard rock band, who create a vast, hugely atmospheric, distinctive sound. ‘Let Go Or Be Dragged’, the band’s upcoming album, released on January 27th 2014 on Animal Farm Records via The Orchard Distribution, is nothing other than an astonishingly accomplished, diverse, jaw – dropping debut. ‘Weightless’, a taster from the album, will be released as a download single on January 13th, available as both a full length album track plus radio edit, a video for which has already been shot and can be viewed here:-

The Manic Shine combine technically excellent time signature changes, soaring, intelligent, intricate guitar riffs, heart-pounding grooves, relentless melodies and catchy choruses to deliver an aurally inebriating wall of metamorphic art rock. The mesh of The Manic Shine’s multi-cultural origins helps to explain the chemistry behind this organic four-piece from North London’s compelling musical formula. Guitarist Orren and drummer Tamir were born at the foot of the Golan Heights, Israel, where their Scottish mother met their Israeli father; they relocated to the Scottish Borders aged 3 and 4. Ozzie (or Osama Alexander Rodgers) was born in London, but was then raised in Dubai by his Syrian mother and English father; bassist ‘Hutch’ is the sole UK born and bred band member.

The Manic Shine, 4 virtuoso musicians who all have degrees in music, came together 3 years ago, jointly inspired by Tool, Karnivool, System Of A Down, Muse, Rage Against The Machine, Incubus, Led Zeppelin etc. Following a period of extensive rehearsals and writing, the band began touring the UK’s rock circuit, building up a fanatical live following, playing regularly in clubs across the country plus supporting the likes of Carl Barat and The Maccabees. In April 2012 they self-released their debut single ‘My Woman’, the video for which was subsequently viewed well over 20,000 times on Youtube. In the course of four national UK tours over the following twelve months, The Manic Shine raised over £5,000 in fan-funding to help record their debut, and enlisted producers The Animal Farm to make the album. ‘Let Go Or Be Dragged’ was then recorded completely live - without a click track, protools or any other studio gimmicry – by four patently gifted musicians who have wholly honed down their musicianship and stagecraft over the last three years.

‘Let Go Or Be Dragged’, the work of a band with the chops to go where most other bands have no business even trying, can only be a sure-fire contender for nomination as ‘best newcomer debut album of 2014’.

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