“Hate Gallery play instinctive metal with predatory hooks and skulking riffs. No mess, no pretension. The whole thing has an ugly, pulsing heart that sends each and every track punching out of your speakers and dragging you in. The fantastic ‘New God’ owes much to Warrior Soul’s acidic lash, while ‘You Don’t Know’ is a pummeling highlight from an album full of nothing less. Best album of its genre yet to be released this year. KKKK” – Steve Beebee, Kerrang!, November 1st, 2008, reviewing Hate Gallery’s debut album ‘Compassion Fatigue’.

English / Swedish / Finnish rock band Hate Gallery’s second studio album, ‘Viva La Resistance’, set for release on January 9th 2012 on North & South Records, distributed by Cargo, more than lives up to all lofty expectations in the wake of astoundingly good reviews of its predecessor.

An intense, hard driving, anthemic rock album, ‘Viva La Resistance’ is a visceral call to arms against the status quo, and has even more burning fire in its belly than Hate Gallery’s debut offering, ‘Compassion Fatigue’.

Influences range from Killing Joke and Nine Inch Nails through to soundscapes reminiscent of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, making ‘Vive La Resistance’ a much more multi faceted, textured album than ‘Compassion Fatigue’.

‘Vive La Resistance’ was written, produced and executed by vocalist / bassist Janne Jarvis, formerly of Radiator, Queen Adreena and, in April 2010, Warrior Soul, with whom he had played bass since the release of Compassion Fatigue’.

‘Vive La Resistance’ “Is a soundtrack for the modern world we live in, as we stand by while our freedoms are slowly being corroded by dark forces. The album deals with the battle to maintain our freedom as western civilization struggles against surveillance, mind control, fear-mongering and the steady march into totalitarianism. It's about living in the modern world, dying in the modern world and hopefully finding someone to love in the meantime. Surveillance, tracking and servitude, via our dependence on all manner of electronic consumables and social network platforms, have left us exposed and impotent. And exposed we are, especially on the streets where our murderous, corrupt police forces are allowed to kill with impunity. The spirit of rock'n'roll has always about rebellion, about opposition. Therefore it makes sense for a humble rock'n'roll band to seize this moment to embrace that true spirit. Viva La Resistance is about that spirit.” states Jarvis.

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4th November 2011.

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