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"…They're perfect. And we in rocl'n'roll heaven…Gluecifer grip us by the lapels and tickle our jaded tonsils with Grade-A, old-skool R&B…low-slung guitars, canyons of 'tude and shit hot toon after shit hot toon. A world where Richard Ashcroft is a 'star' and Gluecifer wallow in relative obscurity is a world gone fucking mad." - NME

"The Strokes meet The Hives? Not too far off, something like The Stooges covering Pretty Vacant while machine gunning riffs like AC/DC. Basically, Gluecifer rock harder than anyone else we've heard this year" - The Guardian

"The Hives? Hah! Soundtrack Of Our Lives? Purlease…these Scandies win hands down. Dead Kennedys mosh with AC/DC and The Pistols, while The Gun Club lurk behind stiletto-sharp riffs so rich and chunky that you could feed your dog for a week" - Time Out

"Good-natured garage-punk riffage, equal parts MC5 and New York funsters The Dictators" - KERRANG! (4/5)

"Basement Apes is an excellent collection of raucous, energetic rock that straddles the divide between the gutter rock of Backyard Babies and the more conventional nu-punk approach of The Hives. Album of the year so far for me!" - Metal Hammer

"Single Easy Living is almost perfect in its dumb, swaggering simplicity. Not to
be sniffed at"
- Uncut

"With the same swagger and soul as heyday MC5 and The Stooges, this album is rock'n'roll all the way. And they say they don't make 'em like they used to? Basement Apes goes some way to trashing that notion." - Classic Rock

Since being awarded SINGLE OF THE WEEK in KERRANG! For their last single Easy Living ("with its fast-paced riffs, honky tonk piano and shit-kicking drums, Easy Living is the kind of kick-ass tune that demands to be belted out at speaker-busting volume…a 'feel-good hit of the summer', for sure") GLUECIFER have been tearing up the European venues preaching their unique rock'n'roll message to the masses, AND recording their brand new, no-holds-barred, shit-kicking new album, AUTOMATIC THRILL. They play a London show on December 6th, then head out on a Europe-wide jaunt with MONSTER MAGNET in the New Year…

The album, AUTOMATIC THRILL, is released on JANUARY 26TH.

Thursday, February 19th LONDON Garage 'Artrocker Night' * NEW DATE *
Friday, February 20th WOLVERHAMPTON Civic Hall (with MONSTER MAGNET and THE QUILL)
Saturday, February 21st NOTTINGHAM Rock City (with MONSTER MAGNET and THE QUILL)
Sunday, February 22nd MANCHESTER MDH (with MONSTER MAGNET and THE QUILL)
Tuesday, February 24th DUBLIN Ambassador (with MONSTER MAGNET and THE QUILL)
Wednesday, February 25th GLASGOW Garage (with MONSTER MAGNET and THE QUILL)
Thursday, February 26th NORTHAMPTON Roadmenders (with MONSTER MAGNET and THE QUILL)
Monday, April 12th LONDON Shepherds Bush Empire (with MONSTER MAGNET and THE QUILL)

Good Vibrations......Nik Moore on 020 8769 6713
January 2004


Gluecifer came together in 1994 in Oslo, Captain Poon and Biff being the only members left of the initial line-up. The band shed their skin repeatedly over the years without ever losing their substance. What is more: every personnel change turned out to be fountain of youth for them, none of the previous line-ups seemed quite as energetic as Gluecifer mark 2002. A year after their foundation, the group brought out their first single, 'God's Chosen Dealer'; 500 copies were pressed, and they are currently traded for up to 300 dollars each in the Internet. 1996 saw the arrival of the mini-LP 'Dick Disguised as Pussy', featuring loudmouthed tracks about glue sniffers, telephone sex and suicide attempts. The band earned themselves a brilliant reputation all over Norway, but found themselves having to replace their original guitarist Sinduru Khan with Raldo Useless.

Their debut album, Riding The Tiger, was recorded in 1997 at the Sunlight Studios and caused a stir as far as Sweden, bringing in its wake a three-album deal with White Jazz Records. Tours of Sweden and Germany followed, then drummer Glueros Bagfire bid his farewells and joined Euroboys. He was succeeded by Danny Young, who immediately embarked on a five-week tour alongside Hellacopters with his new band. The second album, Soaring With Eagles At Night To Rise With The Pigs In The Morning, came out in 1998 and was greeted by euphoric reactions all over Europe.

In summer 1999, Gluecifer played the main stage at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark, produced the 10" EP 'Gary O'Kane' and delivered a legendary show in Austin, Texas, which led to a lucrative deal with the renowned US label, Subpop. Subsequently, Gluecifer were invited to join Lemmy Kilmister's Motörhead and Nashville Pussy during their 1999 American tour.

Their third longplayer Tender Is The Savage was recorded in December 1999 in Malmø, Sweden, and produced by Daniel Rey. Directly after the studio recordings were finalised, bassist Jon Average left the band to have more time for his girlfriend and their new baby. Average was replaced by Stu Manx, who completed the line-up that stands to this day. His baptism of fire was a US tour in spring 2000. Tender Is The Savage arrived at the stores in early summer 2000, hailing a successful European tour. The group's fame increased from month to month, although a scheduled two-month tour of the States had to be cancelled, causing the split with Subpop. The contract with White Jazz also ran out during those weeks, so Gluecifer found themselves looking for a new record company in spring 2001.

During that time, the group also finalised the work on the Basement Apes album for which Gluecifer booked Norwegian recording studios for the first time in their career. In autumn 2001, the band signed a new deal with Epic/Sony for Sweden and Norway and a contract with SPV for all other territories worldwide. And now they've a brand new album in AUTOMATIC THRILL that is set to rock the world…!