Brand new classic hard rock / metal band Giant X, formed by veteran guitarists and songwriters Rolf Kasparek and Peter Jay Jordan, have signed to SPV / Steamhammer to release their superb debut album ‘I’ on January 21st.

‘I’ packs twelve glorious, traditional classic hard rock / metal punches, all featuring huge hooklines, giant twin guitar licks, gritty melodic choruses, and rousing rocking riffs (plus a short spoken word intro). “Our material consists of consciously multi-layered numbers, more in the tradition of Kiss, Queen, Billy Talent, Thin Lizzy and Van Halen, in other words: rock music in the tradition of the Seventies, Eighties and Nineties – our shared musical roots. The main thing for us was that people would be able hear the lightness and spontaneity of our collaboration,” Jordan explains.

‘Rocking’ Rolf Kasparek, the founder, leader, guitarist and singer in legendary German rock band Running Wild first worked with his friend and musical partner Peter Jay Jordan in 2005, when Peter joined the Running Wild fold as a guitarist.

Peter jay Jordan has worked as a musician, composer, arranger and producer with artists such as Francis Buchholz (ex-Scorpions), Thorsten Wingenfelder (Fury In The Slaughterhouse), Fair Warning, plus various German top ten pop / rock acts.

This new collaboration was sparked by unexpectedly euphoric reactions to the Kasparek / Jordan composition ‘Burning Wheels’, on EMI Production Music’s ‘Rock / Metal’ compilation, which features Kasparek on vocals. Jordan and Kasparek decided to co-compose more tracks and offer them to interested record companies under the new band moniker of Giant X. They decided to sign to Steamhammer / SPV, who had already released the 2012 Running Wild opus ‘Shadowmaker’.

While Running Wild have a clearly defined sound which their worldwide fans expect of them, “Giant X have a broader musical range which allows Rolf and myself to present ourselves from a totally different side” states Jordan, continuing “the album unmistakably focuses on Rolf’s voice and our typical guitars, both in a way which people have rarely heard from us.”

Stand out tracks include the driving ‘Badland Blues’ with its whisky-soaked feeling, reminiscent of the American South, ‘Nameless Heroes’, (the first ballad ever sung by Kasparek), the soaring ‘Soul Survivors’ and ‘Don’t Quit Til Tomorrow’, which blatantly features Giant X’s British influences. “Contrary to what you’d expect, it was mainly Rolf who came up with those bluesy, rocking riffs, while I contributed the metal hooks” comments Jordan. “Despite the songs’ multi-layered qualities it was our declared goal to keep numbers raw and authentic without excessively polishing the sound. We wanted our debut album to radiate this uncompromising genuineness which simply is an integral part of rock music” Jordan concludes.

Gigantic – Roland Hyams on 07768 156392 / 020 8677 8466

7th December 2012.

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