***New English Progressive Melodic Rock Group’s Sublime ‘Honey and Lava’ debut album released September 24th On Altrospire Records***

Brand new female fronted Progressive melodic rockers Coralspin have hit the ground running with their astonishingly accomplished debut album, ‘Honey and Lava’, set for release on Altrospire Records, distributed by Cargo, on September 24th.

‘Honey and Lava’, a storming, gorgeous blast of fresh, new, progressive melodic rock air, is a delightfully original album, bursting with flowing melodies, rich harmonies, crisp, consummate drumming, and, above all else, irresistible songs.

Coralspin’s inspiration is to fuse the best elements of modern rock (e.g Muse and Biffy Clyro), with classic Prog, (such as Yes and Genesis), filtered through the lens of such great female singers as Kate Bush and Sandy Denny.

Coralspin came together when fully trained classical and opera singer / keyboard player Ellie Blythe, keyboard player Blake McQueen and guitarist Jake Simmons began collaborating in 2008.

Ellie, who graduated from Leeds University’s Conservatorium as a voice major (alongside Opera Babe Karen England), had gone on to become a regular soloist in the highly rated Oxford Pro Musica Singers chamber choir, but now fancied a change of musical direction.

Initial songwriting sessions with Blake yielded such promising results that fellow songwriter / guitar virtuoso Jake Simmons soon jumped on board and the trio began composing some enthralling material. To record ‘Honey and Lava’, Coralspin recruited the powerhouse rhythm section of bassist Steve Knightly and drummer David English.

Rather than trust others to put down ‘Honey and Lava’, technical whiz Blake not only built his own soundproofed studio, incorporating multiple keyboards, but also built all the computers the album was recorded on. Blake then learned how to record, produce and mix to his own exacting professional standards, determined to capture Coralspin’s songs at their alluring best. The richly diverse and smooth flowing resultant ‘Honey and Lava’ album was then mastered by the legendary Ray Staff at Air Studios in London.

Lava’d Up – Roland Hyams on 020 8677 8466 / 07768156392.

22nd June 2012