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With their feet firmly entrenched in a veritable field of classic, Bluesy British Rock influences, they’ve bided their time and managed to merge these with a vibrant sense of melody that kills dinosaurs at 50 paces…The thing that I love most about this album is that there are no fillers. KKKKK”
[Dave Reynolds, Kerrang!, 1993, reviewing Burn’s debut album ‘So Far, So Bad’.]

The nucleus of British Hard Rockers Burn, who released two highly acclaimed albums in 1993 and 1995, before imploding after their drummer died in a motorcycle accident, have regrouped, recruited new members and recorded a storming new studio album, ‘Global Warning’, set for release on May 7th on Formula One Records, through Absolute / Universal.

‘Global Warning’, a balls-to-the-wall, unashamedly heavy, classic, retro, bluesy album, is bursting at the seams with 11 gems of melodic rock songs by this incendiary outfit from Loughborough, Leicestershire.

Burn burst out of the starting blocks with their debut album ‘So Far So Bad’ in 1993, garnering rave reviews, singer Jeff Ogden’s rich, wide ranging vocals being favourably compared with Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott. ‘So Far So Bad’ not only scored a rare five out of five review in Kerrang!, but also 4/5 in (now defunct) RAW, Dave Ling stating that “Jeff Ogden is a quality frontman, and hook laden cuts like ‘Rip It Up’ and ‘Knock Me Out’ have traditional Brit grit, topped off with the flamboyant Yank-style delivery of a Bon Jovi or Survivor.”

After tours supporting the likes of Thunder and Steve Gibbons, the band started work on their second album, ‘Spark To A Flame’, but technical problems galore, opposing ideas of recording techniques, choice of material, and an indifferent mix resulted in a somewhat flawed, although still well-received ‘difficult second album’, released in 1995. ‘Best kept secret in British rock’ proclaimed Frontiers Magazine, somewhat prophetically, as sales failed to materialise.

As a result none of the guys gave up their day jobs, and band activities went on the back burner, punctuated by the occasional local gig and sporadic bouts of songwriting for Burn’s third album. Then in 2001, while out on motorcycle ride with Marc and Barney, original drummer Karl Bee was tragically killed and soon after original guitarist Rab Devenney hung up his guitar for good.

After a hiatus of several years, the three remaining members – Singer Jeff Ogden, and brothers Marc (bass) and Barney Stackhouse (keyboards) recruited local Vai-Malmsteen-Gilbert-Van Halen-rolled-into-one axe maestro Julian Nicholas and ex-Alien songwriter/guitarist Phil Hammond to work on their embryonic ideas for Burn’s third album and inject some new direction and renewed enthusiasm. Rejuvenated, they then enlisted legendary drummer Benjy Reid III (Ted Nugent/Praying Mantis/Debby Bonham/Stuck Mojo) to complete the line-up.

After a year spent recording and infusing new ideas they took the demos to Formula One Records, who had released both the band’s first two albums; F.O.R. were so knocked out by the new songs that they jumped at the chance to put Burn back into the studio.

The result is ‘Global Warning’, an exuberant, melodic, classy, bluesy metal album packed with huge vocal hooks, galloping guitar riffs, ethereal keyboard arrangements, and driving rhythms.

On Fire – Roland Hyams on 020 8677 8466 / 8769 6713.

16th March 2007