AUGUST 12/13/14/15 2010
***Nashville Pussy, Blaze Bayley, The Groundhogs, Breed 77, The Hamsters, Hells Bells, The Brothers Grimm, Wrathchild, Gentlemen Of Distorted Sound, Imicus, Gypsey Pistoleros, The Glitterati, Godsized & Loads More Live Bands @ The Bulldog 24***

“The Bulldog Bash is in a league of its own, easily ranking among the best festivals in the world, if not actually taking that crown and sticking a nitrous kit on it to see how fast it will go.” Nick Ruskell, Kerrang!

A whole host of rock and metal bands have been confirmed to play live on two stages at the 24th annual Bulldog Bash, which takes place August 12th,13th 14th, & 15th at the festival's usual site at Shakespeare County Raceway, Long Marston, near Stratford On Avon, Warwickshire. Entertainment in the massive Main Stage Marquee kicks off on Thursday August 12th at 5.15pm, and at midday on Friday August 13th on the huge brand new outdoor Area 81 Rock Club Stage.

The organisers are also pleased to announce a fantastic new format for the Bulldog Bash, following a multi-million pound investment in new roads, improved drainage and general on-site infrastructure. Additionally, organisers have welcomed moves to end the massive stop and search operation and a major reduction of the police presence at the event. The assistant chief constable of Warwickshire, Bill Holland, has told local people that there will be no road closures or road blocks this year and that people going to the show would no longer be funnelled into a lay-by near the site to be searched.

A spokesman for the bash said “We welcome a return to sensible policing. The huge operations over the last two years have cost Warwickshire taxpayers a million pounds, resulted in just a handful of arrests and have caused chaos for showgoers and villagers. They also discouraged bash visitors from going out into the local area and boosting the economy. Local people considered – and we agreed – that these operations were unnecessary. We welcome a return to the type of policing that worked well for the first twenty years of the show. We look forward to working closely with the local police as we have done every year to ensure another safe and successful bash.”



5.15.- 6.00pm AYNT SKYNYRD; ‘THE UK tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd’, the definitive US Southern Rock band. (www.myspace.com/ayntskynyrd)

6.20-7.20pm THE MODS; ‘The Best 60’s tribute band in the world’. (www.themodsband.com)

7.50 – 8.50pm NASHVILLE PUSSY; Atlanta, Georgia, based band who mix Boogie Rock, Southern Metal, Punk and Psychobilly. Formed in 1996, in 1999 they won a Grammy nomination in the category 'Best Metal Performance' for their single 'Fried Chicken And Coffee’. The group’s fifth studio album, ‘From Hell To Texas, released in February 2009 on SPV Records, was awarded 9/10 in Powerplay Magazine, who raved “This is the band’s crowning glory and should not be missed. It is Nashville Pussy encapsulated: rockin’, earthy and raw but with real heart and soul.” (www.nashvillepussy.com)

9.15 – 11.00pm HELLS BELLS; lethal AC/DC tribute rockers who always bring the house down. (www.hellsbells.info)


3.30 – 4.05pm RITA LYNCH; Exceptional solo artist who has been described as ‘PJ Harvey meets At The Drive-In - the personification of ferocious conviction' by Bristol’s Venue Magazine. (ww.myspace.com/ritalynchbristol).

4.30 – 5.05pm IMICUS; young Brit metallers who have just released their debut album, ‘Animal Factory’, on Transcend Records, and won loads of new fans when they rocked the Red Bull Stage at Download 2010. (ww.myspace.com/imicus).

5.30 – 6.15pm GENTLEMEN OF DISTORTED SOUND; London based sleaze rockers whose vocalist Gareth Nugent is third cousin of US rocker Ted Nugent. The band’s ‘swaggering, ballsy’ debut ‘Bone Idol EP, set for release on August 9th, has already been played on the XFM rock show and awarded 5/5 by getreadytorock.com. (myspace.com/ gentlemenofdistortedsound).

6.45 – 7.30 BLAZE BAYLEY; former Iron Maiden and Wolfsbane vocalist whose band has released six successful and critically acclaimed heavy metal albums since his departure from Iron Maiden in 1999. Blaze Bayley’s sixth studio album, ‘Promise and Terror’, released in February 2010, is probably his best work to date. (www.blazebayley.net)

8.00 – 9.00pm BREED 77; Gibraltar’s finest rockers, whose comelling fusion of their native mediterranean influences with contemporary rock and metal - ‘flamenco metal’ – has garnered much critical acclaim and won the band a Top 40 hit single, ‘The River’, in the UK. Formed in London at the tail-end of the last century, Breed 77’s brilliant 4th album, ‘Insects’, was released worldwide on Edel’s earMUSIC in May 2010. (www.breed77.com)

9.30 – 11.00pm THE HAMSTERS; ‘Britain’s best blues rockers and the leading interpreters of the music of Jimi Hendrix and ZZ Top’; "They're Fabulous! One Of Britain's Very Best Live Bands" – raved Bob Harris on BBC Radio 2 recently. (www.thehamsters.co.uk)


3. 00 – 3.30PM Andy Sharrocks And The Smokin' Jackets; Delicious UK Americana blues country music; ‘Good-time tunes and tales of women, whiskey, dogs and death’. (www.andysharrocks.com)

3.50 – 4.30pm THE GROUNDHOGS; Iconic blues and progressive rock band which topped the UK album charts in the 1970’s with the likes of ‘Thank Christ For The Bomb’, ‘Split’, ‘Who Will Save The World’ & ‘Hogwash’. Tony ‘TS’ McPhee is the talent behind ‘The Groundhogs’, and his outstanding writing and phenomenal guitar skills have formed and pushed at the outskirts of British blues and rock for the last forty odd years. (www.thegroundhogs.co.uk)

4.50 – 5.30 EMILY BREEZE; An intoxicating blend of Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, The Stooges & The Birthday Party, high fiving both the rockabilly dance floor and the lonesome campfire. Her debut album, ‘The Penny Arcade’, released in January 2010, was awarded 5/5 in Artrocker and rated 9/10 on americanauk.com. (www.myspace.com/emilybreeze)

5.50 – 6.30 EDDIE MARTIN BAND; A master acoustic and electric guitarist, harmonica player, songwriter and powerful singer, Eddie Martin has been described as "the most remarkable blues man of his generation" by Blues in Britain. (www.eddiemartin.com)

6.50 – 7.30PM JOHN E VISTIC; Compelling frontman, superb whisky-soaked vocals and fantastic blues-rock tunes. Having won the Rock Star 2009 competition, they were the first act to be confirmed for Glastonbury 2010. (www.vistic.co.uk)

8.00 – 9.00pm GYPSEY PISTOLEROS; Flamenco Sleaze-Punk Glam Rock 'N' Rollers from Birmingham who mix Spanish/Latin-flamenco styles up and smash them together with punk rock. Influences include early Motley Crue, some Guns N’ Roses, Hanoi Rocks, and a dash of Ramones. (www.myspace.com/gypseypistoleros)

9.30 – 11.00pm THE BROTHERS GRIMM; This Legendary Blues Brothers tribute band will play their first gig for 11 years, having reformed especially for the Bulldog Bash 24.



12.00 noon – MORDECAI (www.myspace.com/mordecaiuk)
12.45pm – HELLBOUND (www.myspace.com/hellboundmusic)
1.30pm – VOODOO JOHNSON (www.voodoojohnson.com)
2.15pm – SNORTING DOGS (no website – cracking blues band)
3.15PM – LEAVING EDEN (www.myspace.com/leavingedenband)
4.15pm – HOLLYWOOD TEASE (www.myspace.com/hollywoodteaseuk)
5.15pm – THE RAM RAID (www.myspace.com/theramraid)
6.15 – 7.15pm – ATTICA (www.myspace.com/atticafreakshow)


12 noon – AS THICK AS THIEVES (www.myspace.com/asthickasthievesthebanduk)
12.45pm – VIRGINIA SLINT (www.myspace.com/virginiaslint)
1.30pm – THE FUNKINSTEINS (www.myspace.com/ /funkinsteins)
2.15pm – THE COUNCIL (www.myspace.com/councilband)
3.15pm – RIOT NOISE (www.myspace.com/ riotnoisemusic)
4.15pm – WRATHCHILD (www.myspace.com/wrathchildonline)
5.15pm – GODSIZED (www.myspace.com/godsized)
6.15 – 7.15pm – THE GLITTERATI (www.myspace.com/theglitterati)


The Bulldog Bash is widely acknowledged as the safest live music festival in Britain – but it is much, much more than just a gig; The Bulldog Bash is the best biker event in Europe. A huge variety of non-musical attractions includes jet-force cars and rocket propelled bikes hurtling down the drag strip, huge custom bike and car exhibitions, an awesome dance tent, a topless bike (& anything else) wash, Ken Fox’s world famous ‘Wall Of Death’ show, wrestling bouts, a veritable village of stalls selling all kinds of biking and alternative lifestyle kit and loads of ludicrous white-knuckle rides. There really is more to do than you can shake a stick at!

Tickets, priced £55, will be available on the gate, with No Booking Fee added.

4moreinfo – For Jpegs, guest list, interviews etc contact Roland Hyams on 020 8677 8466



14th July 2010.

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“The Bulldog Bash is in a league of its own, easily ranking among the best festivals in the world, if not actually taking that crown and sticking a nitrous kit on it to see how fast it will go.” Nick Ruskell, Kerrang! August 26th 2006.

Status Quo and The Damned have been confirmed as headline acts at the 21st Annual Bulldog Bash which takes place August 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th at the Shakespeare County Raceway, Long Marston, near Stratford On Avon, Warwickshire.

Status Quo, who have sold over 118 million records worldwide, recorded 63 British Hit Singles and had more hit albums (32) in the UK album charts than any other band apart from the Rolling Stones, headline on Friday August 10th. Status Quo have notched up 22 top ten UK singles since their first, ‘Pictures Of Matchstick Men’, reached number 7 in the UK chart in January 1968, and promise a plethora more of unforgettable rock’n’roll anthems such as ‘Paper Plane’, ‘Caroline’, ‘Down Down’, ‘Rockin’ All Over The World’, ‘Whatever You Want’, ‘The Wanderer’ and ‘In The Army Now’.

Commenting on their sole UK festival appearance in 2007, Rick Parfitt says “The whole band are looking forward to the Bulldog Bash at Long Marston. Hopefully we'll have a nice hot August day and we can really get the place rocking. I'm going to find some time to have a look at all the bikes and gear too.”

Website – statusquo.co.uk

The Damned, featuring original vocalist Dave Vanian and guitarist Captain Sensible, headline on Saturday August 11th. The Damned were the first of the London punk bands to release a single - ‘New Rose’, on Stiff Records, in 1976 - and have subsequently scored six top 40 hit singles out of 17 top 100 chart entries, let alone half a dozen top 40 hit albums. The Damned, who are still defiantly challenging audiences, promise an amazing live show - rock at its messy, wonderful best. The Damned, also famous as pioneers of gothic rock, are edgy, loud and sinister. Their most recent album ‘Grave Disorder’ (2005) shows the continuing power of the group that produced ‘Neat Neat Neat’, ‘Smash it up (Part 2)’, ‘Feel the Pain’ and ‘Eloise’. Their amazing live shows combine full-on rock energy, a stylish sense of performance, and humorous deadpan cool.

Captain Sensible comments “It's the first time we've been on the same bill as Quo and I'm very much looking forward to it. Whenever they played the Croydon Greyhound in the mid 70s I was there.... and it was refreshing to see a band in the bar having a drink with their fans - which the Damned have also been known to do occasionally. In this day and age of X-Factor, Simon Cowell and all these plastic celebrity karaoke shows on TV we have seen our audience figures swelling, which we reckon is a reaction to the lack of decent live bands these days. You just can't beat it - a thrashing drum kit.... a cranked up guitar.... the front man going beserk blurting out some anti establishment lyric or other. Great stuff indeed - and the UK punk movement as led by the Pistols, the Clash, the Stranglers and ourselves was a pretty wild time when the UK was at the forefront of global musical trends.... whether Mike Read or Phil Collins liked it or not! I reckon The Damned deserve medals for our services over the years but I'll settle for the fact that we're still out there having fun onstage up and down the country in 2007 after a wonderful career lasting 30 years so far. And I wouldn't have predicted THAT in 1977.... otherwise I might have chosen a better stage name than Captain Sensible I can tell you!”

Website - officialdamned.com

A host of other acts are currently being finalised to appear at the Bulldog’s 21st annual Bash, which will be rammed with more things to do than you can shake a stick at.

American V Bike Magazine stated as far back as 2003 that “The Bulldog now boasts one of the very finest custom shows, certainly in Europe and perhaps the world” and it has been getting bigger and better ever since. As well as the massive custom bike and car show, top jet cars and rocket bikes will hurtle down the drag strip all weekend, punctuated by the ever popular ‘run-what-you-brung’ sessions and top stunt bike and car performances. All-comers wrestling bouts take place all weekend alongside a massive village of trade stalls selling all kinds of biking and alternative lifestyle kit, let alone a host of tattoo and piercing parlours. Among many other highlights promised are the ‘Wall Of Death’, the ‘Topless Bike Wash’ and a fairground full of ludicrous white knuckle rides.

Tickets are available by post, priced £45 (until June 30th and £50 after July 1st) from THE BULLDOG BASH, PO BOX 5026 EAST READING RG6 1ZQ. (Sterling only) cheques should be made out to ‘The Bulldog Bash’ and all postal applications must include a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Tickets can also be purchased from credit card hotline 08713 100000 (booking fees apply) and will be available via www.bulldogbash.com soon.

For more info. go to www.bulldogbash.com or contact – Roland Hyams on 020 8677 8466 / 8769 6713.

22nd March 2007