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New studio album "KILL OR BE KILLED" is set for release on January 27th 2003 on SPV.

Biohazard are headlining the 'Resistance Tour' with Agnostic Front, Hatebreed and All Boro Kings this week playing the following dates:-

29th November - Bristol Anson Rooms
30th November - Sheffield - Corporation @ The Octagon, Sheffield University
1st December - London - The Forum Kentish Town

I am currently organising a press & promo day in London next Monday 2nd December for the band. If you'd like to see them live or talk to them please email or call me.


Roland Hyams.



October 9th Dublin The Point (Tattoo The Planet)
October 11th Glasgow SECC (Tattoo The Planet)
October 12th Bradford Rios Club (rescheduled headline gig)
October 13th Birmingham NEC (Tattoo The Planet)
October 14th Wembley Arena (Tattoo The Planet)

Brooklyn hard-core pioneers Biohazard have re-scheduled and launched a European tour that was on the edge of cancellation, due to the recent terrorist attack. The tour, a combination of rescheduled headline dates and support slots for Slayer on the Tattoo The Planet, was originally scheduled to begin on September 13. It subsequently started on September 22.

Amidst the confusion and numbing reality of this horrific tragedy, the band considered, and ultimately acted upon their first instinct, which was to not be stopped by terrorism.Guitarist/vocalist Billy Graziadei expressed his thoughts:
"We are growing as a nation, but we still remain torn between retaliation and peace. I've never seen more patriotism in America, flags are attached to every car speeding down the streets, banners are draped over bridges with messages to those lost in the tragedy and also messages to those enemies we have scattered within and abroad. It's a new era for our world and there's no looking back. We, as a society…a nation…a world, MUST move on and stand up against terrorism. Bowing down and living in a cave only gives 'them' a win, and we are not losers! WE WILL BE the LAST MAN STANDING!"

The band's hugely acclaimed new album, "Uncivilization", thematically an expose on the never-ending violence that the human race inflicts upon each other, was released on September 10th in the UK by SPV, the day before the vicious tragedy. The American release date was September 11th.

Rockin' On -Roland Hyams on 020 8677 8466 or 020 8769 6713.
Sept. 25th 2001.

Evan Seinfeld - bass/vocals
Billy Graziadei - guitar/vocals
Danny Schuler - drums
Leo Curley - guitar
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Brilliant new 'Uncivilization' album released on September 3rd on SPV, Full UK tour follows special guest slot on Tattoo The Planet indoor Festival at Wembley 15th September.

Biohazard, the Brooklyn bruisers who are widely credited as having invented rap-metal at the end of the 80's, are back to claim their crown as kings of the genre with their new studio album, 'Uncivilization', set for release on SPV on September 3rd 2001.

Self-produced and recorded at their own Rat Piss Studios in downtown Brooklyn, 'Uncivilization' boasts Biohazard at their ferocious finest, and features guest appearances from Pantera's Phil Anselmo, Type-O-Negative's Pete Steele, Cypress Hill's Sen-Dog, and various members of Slipknot, Agnostic Front, Sepultura, Hatebreed and Skarhead.

On Saturday 15th September Biohazard fly in from New York to star on the bill of the 'Tattoo The Planet' Festival at Wembley Arena alongside Pantera, Slayer, Cradle of Filth and Static X, among others. Biohazard then hit the road and headline the following UK tour:-

Sept. 16 - Bradford Rios. (Tel: 020-74246800).
Sept. 17 - Nottingham Rock City. (Tel: 0115-9412544).
Sept. 18 - Dudley JBs. (Tel: 01384-253597).
Sept. 19 - Bristol Bierkeller. (Tel: 0117-9268514).
Sept. 20 - Manchester MDH. (Tel: 0161 832 1111).

Tickets, priced £9 in advance, are on sale now.

Germ warfare - Roland Hyams on 020 8677 8466 or 020 8769 6713.
July 18th 2001.



"Biohazard have never received the credit they are due. Sure, everybody admits to being in love with the idea of Biohazard, because everyone worth their salt needs to be seen liking at least one cool hardcore band (for reputations sake y'know?) but as for actually liking what Biohazard put down on record - that's different. Biohazard now know what they're best at - laying down big riffs over thick grooves and fist-pumping anthems. Opener 'Sellout' is a perfect example of their fuck you attitude as Billy screeches "I'll never sell my souuulllll!". 'Wide Awake' and 'Unified' show the band effortlessly easing into the heaviest crossover groove known to hardcore and while the near holy anger of 'HFFK' (hate Fuck Fight Kill) and 'Get Away' in particular keeps up the pressure with it's chorus. A lot has been made of the smorgasbord of guests on 'Uncivilization', as if an all star jam had taken place and perhaps robbed the band of their identity. Hardly. Biohazard have simply cherry picked the best in their field for certain effects. If you're gonna rap use Cypress Hill's Sen Dog ('Last Man Standing'), if you want a rumbling, sinister vocal don't make a half-assed attempt at it get in Pete Steele ('Letter go'). It's taken them the better part of a decade but simply put: the best Biohazard record bar none."
9/10. Chris Ingham, Metal Hammer Sept 2001.

"Since their inception over a decade ago, Brooklyn's Biohazard have always been something more than just a damn fine band. They're an unstoppable force, and it's somehow as reassuring as the tide coming in to know that they are still out there, unrepentantly, doing their thing regardless of their trends or fashions. Of course, given those ever changing trends (and despite the fact that Biohazard were unwitting innovators of quite a few of them, the fusion of hip-hop, metal and hardcore being just one example), the band's tidemark doesn't always come up as high as it might. But one thing that has been pretty consistent throughout is the quality of their music. An honest return to basics. A bakers dozen of outstanding memorable and perhaps more importantly, very obviously Biohazard tunes. A reaffirmation of everything that they've ever done. An unbowed show of strength."
4/5. Morat, Kerrang! August 25th 2001.

"Rap metal as it should be. This rocks like a bastard. Biohazard have made a professional, experimental and angry as hell album. If you want fast as hell hardcore, rap tinged metal that doesn't sound like Limp Bizkit and even gothic ballads and piano interludes then it gets no better than this. As they scream on the opening track "I'll never sell my soul"; Biohazard have returned more uncompromising and imaginative than ever. Class."
5/5. Big Cheese Sept/Oct 2001

"Biohazard have finally woken up, smelt the coffee and brought their sound into the year 2001. The guitars are heavier, the vocals are stronger and the songs are just…better.
Biohazard have come close to disaster more than once, but 'Uncivilization' is a bold and hugely enjoyable album that's a real return to form and will hopefully see Biohazard winning back the audience they once had or - even better - winning new fans they never had."
4.5/5. Nick Griffiths, Rock Sound Sept 2001.



Biohazard emerged in 1988, pioneering the fusion of bone-crunching hard-core metal with the social commentary and street sensibility of rap and have since endured over a decade of musical, social and personal change to establish themselves as the true leaders of a musical revolution.

Combining a love of hard-core and an instinct for escaping the lure of the streets, Biohazard chose music over the downward spiral of drugs and violence lurking in the troubled neighborhoods around them. Inspired by bands like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Run DMC, Bad brains, Judas Priest, Cro-Mags, Public Enemy, The Ramones, Agnostic Front, pre-house and hip-hop, the band set out to create a musical hybrid that would transcend easy categorization.

They rapidly built a rabid fan base in their native NYC, with legions of kids getting themselves tattooed with the band's instantly recognised logo as a sign of solidarity and support. After releasing their self-titled debut on their own label in 1990, Biohazard hit the road and built a huge cult following in the States and Europe. The band's 'Urban Discipline' album, released on Roadrunner Records in 1992, went on to sell over 1,000,000 copies worldwide.

In 1993 hard-core rap band Onyx recorded an alternative version of their hit 'Slam' single, with Biohazard backing them. This led to both bands collaborating on the title song for the groundbreaking 'Judgement Night' soundtrack, which sold over 2,000,000 copies in the US.

After signing to Warner Bros. Records, the band released 'State of the World Address' in 1994, which sold over a million copies and spawned the hit single and video 'How It Is' featuring Sen-Dog from Cypress Hill - who also features on the track 'Last Man Standing' on 'Uncivilization'.

'Mato Leao' ("to kill the lion") followed two years later, by which time Biohazard were battling drug and alcohol abuse, inter-band strife and record label problems.
Following the release of their live album 'No Holds Barred (live in Europe)' in 1997, the band signed to Mercury Records and released the critically acclaimed 'New World Disorder' in 1999. Feeling betrayed and misunderstood by their label, the band left Mercury amidst the mass artist genocide that occurred with the merger of Mercury, Island, Def Jam and Polygram into Universal.

In 2000, the band re-grouped and launched a highly successful European and Japanese tour with no management or record label support. This led to signing new record deals with SPV/Steamhammer for Europe and Sanctuary for the rest of the world, and then a new management deal with Accelerated Development Inc., the new vehicle of record industry veteran Dan Beck, who had just finished a stint as head honcho of V2 Records in the US.

During the band's down time, Evan landed a high profile starring role as the prison convict Jaz Hoyt, on HBO's critically acclaimed and award winning hit series 'OZ'; "I killed Luke Perry. Me and this other guy dragged him, screaming, to a hole we made in a wall. We stuck him in and plastered over the top of him. We buried him alive."

Billy and Danny, meanwhile, transformed the bands infamous rehearsal studio/hangout in downtown Brooklyn into a world class digital recording studio now know as Rat Piss Studios. Billy and Danny then honed their engineering and production skills down while recording and producing local acts and new Biohazard demos, before getting down to recording 'Uncivilization'.

"The rats used to just come out while we were here", remembers Evan, continuing that "It's great doing the album here, because we're not having any bullshit to deal with. We don't have to worry about spilling our coffee on the floor, because we're more worried about the fucking rats coming in and eating a guitar cable that's plugged into a cool effect we've been trying to get right. When you have a crazy budget you don't pay much attention to how much you're spending, cos you're concentrating on the music. Then you have this guy with smelly breath breathing down your neck, going, 'You better hurry up and finish this cos the money's getting low and you only have three more days to do the album.' That fucks your head a whole lot. We don't have that here. It's not the nicest place in the world, but it's our place. It's our home - it's where we are. It has this cool vibe, and we're happy and comfortable here. That's way more important for the energy and the vibe of the band to be captured here y'know?".