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***Mighty Melodic Progressive Power Metal Band's Soaring Self-Titled 4th Studio Album released August 25th on Steamhammer / SPV***

"The great Alpha Tiger's third release 'iDentity', picks up where 'Beneath The Surface' and 'Man Or Machine' left off spectacular riffing, cool song structures and a crisp production. These guys have it all in aces: talent, ability, drive, and determination. Taking the best elements of the NWOBHM with ripping solos, jackhammer rhythms, soaring vocals, and sheer enthusiasm, Alpha Tiger have created an album that is an absolute pleasure to listen to. 9/10" Tony Pijar, Powerplay Magazine, February 2015.

Talented young German Melodic Progressive Power Metal act Alpha Tiger's upcoming self-titled 4th studio album, set for release on Steamhammer / SPV on August 25th, is an even more impressive, accomplished album than it's much acclaimed predecessor, 'iDentity'.

Nonetheless, the omens for 'Alpha Tiger' didn't bode well back at the beginning of 2015, when the band had to come to terms with the departure of their previous vocalist in February, just days after the release of 'iDentity' at the end of January. The timing couldn't have been worse; 'iDentity' was garnering rave reviews all over Europe, sales were promising, and loads of enquiries about gigs and festival appearances were flooding in all of which Alpha Tiger had to abruptly turn down.

After an intense search via social media, Alpha Tiger welcomed Benjamin Jaino as the band's new vocalist in July 2015. Guitarist and main songwriter Peter Langforth announced that "We had to accept Stephan's decision to leave the band to focus more on his job and family, even if it was at the worst imaginable time, at least in our view, as we just had released our third album 'iDentity' and were in full zest for action! We took the search for our new vocalist very, very seriously, because we would have rather split up, than to work with an emergency solution! A step backwards never was an option. And we definitely didn't want to have a pure copy of our old singer Stephan; we wanted someone with his own character, with whom we could start a new chapter. After a long search, we finally found Benji, one of the very few, who fulfilled our high requirements! And, as a bonus, he's a very cool, down-to-the-ground kinda guy! We're absolutely thrilled that we're able to give full throttle again!"

Jaino soon went through a baptism of fire, performing live on stage alongside his new band mates on Alpha Tiger's joint European tour with Battle Beast, weeks after enlistment. Langforth recalls that "This way, Benjamin had already fifty shows with us under his belt when we started working on the new album. So we knew what to do to make the new material suit his voice. Benjamin identifies totally with Alpha Tiger and delivered an awesome performance at the studio. His vocals are full of emotion; he literally screamed his heart out."

The eleven diverse, deeply melodic anthemic rock songs contained on 'Alpha Tiger', effortlessly attest to Jaino's outstanding vocal performance. Be it the dynamic 'Comatose' with its powerful groove, or 'If The Sun Refused To Shine', (which dates back to the early days of 'iDentity' but wasn't completed in time) its dominating guitar delay effects picking up one last time the previous album's distinct space effect. In contrast, there's the atmospherically quiet 'Aurora', representative of Alpha Tiger's new stylistic direction. "'Aurora' sees an integration of 70s influences into our music without allowing a retro flair to emerge. The song with its haunting vocal line and the distorted guitars stands for Alpha Tiger's stylistic future," explains Langforth, who came to terms with his own emotional state during the production process. The same applies to 'Feather In The Wind', a track that Langforth wrote straight after the previous Alpha Tiger frontman had quit the group, which helped him to put a particularly difficult phase of his musical career behind him for good.

'Alpha Tiger', which will be available as a Digipak CD (+ poster), double gatefold 180 gram black vinyl (+CD in a cardboard sleeve), plus download and stream, was recorded and mixed by Richard Behrens at Berlin's completely analogue old-school Big Snuff studio. "It had always been my dream to record an album totally analogue with a real tape machine", confesses Langforth, continuing "We'd rehearsed the material ad nauseam beforehand and then recorded all basic tracks practically live. This is the album that I've always wanted to make; it's definitely our most mature and grown up release to date."


Peter Langforth guitars
Benjamin Jaino vocals
Alexander Backasch guitars
Dirk Frei bass
David Schleif drums

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3rd July 20177

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