***Classic Hard Rocking ‘Rolling In Town’ Album Unleashed September 18th On Steamhammer /SPV***

“42 Decibel will not revolutionise your musical outlook. Rather, they’ll cheerfully massage your long-held, comfortable relationships with classic rock staples, evoking ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and early AC/DC… a lot of early AC/DC. The likes of ‘Long Legged Woman’ and ‘Take Me’ could have come straight out of ‘High Voltage’. Solos offer satisfying, spirited nostalgia, and notions of beer, women and whisky are so well-trodden they’re practically fossilized…but impossible not to enjoy. They’ve whipped up a storm in Buenos Aires rock clubs and we’d gladly bet they put on a fantastic night.” (Polly Glass, Classic Rock, August 2013)

Young new explosive Classic Hard Rock quartet 42 Decibel who hail from Buenos Aires, Argentina, have lined up the release of their mighty second album, ‘Rolling In Town’, for September 18th on Steamhammer / SPV. 42 Decibel whipped up a storm worldwide with their party beast of a debut album ‘Hard Rock N Roll’ in the summer of 2013, are now set to create even more mayhem with ‘Rolling In Town’.

While ‘Rolling In Town’ still pays obvious homage to their musical heroes - such as AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, Led Zeppelin and ZZ Top - the new album evidences 42 Decibel’s astonishing development, displaying a distinct musical identity of its own. “This time we were responsible for everything ourselves, not only the songwriting, but also the recording, production and mixing. This made the recording atmosphere a lot more comfortable and relaxed for the band, getting the best out of us,” explains drummer and founding member Nicko Cambiasso, continuing; “Our music doesn’t attempt to raise any particularly complex issues, it’s based pure and simple on a conscious vintage aesthetic, a traditional sound and the essence of classic rock and blues.”

Standout tracks include ‘Midnight Teaser (Evil Woman)’, the lead single and first video from the album, which has “good lyrics with a nice build-up, great verse, catchy chorus and an atypical and bluesy ending” (Cambiasso). ‘Down The Hatch’, which once again pays homage to partying hard, drinking alcohol and having a good time, is “a reflection of songs from the first album”, while ‘Rude And Fast’ with its fast and violent theme is a mix of classic rock and punk. The album’s concluding tracks, ‘Cold Steel Rider’ and ‘Smooth Talker’, only came together during the recording process; “‘Cold Steel Rider’ started off as a jam in the studio and then turned into the song we’d been working on but didn’t complete in pre-production. It was completed that day in the studio, on the spot. It’s a complete first-take with lyrics that talk about a character inspired by westerns. ‘Smooth Talker’ was an instrumental improvisation done there at the studio, and then Junior added some lyrics to it. We ended up liking the jam and decided the song was a good addition to the tracklist.”

‘Rolling In Town’, an infectious, joyous collection of dynamic ‘old school’ classic bluesy hard rock anthems, will be released as a CD, Clear Vinyl LP (with printed inner sleeves and CD in a paper sleeve) and download.
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11th August 2015

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